Online:Patch/Hotfix 2016/08/03

Online: Patch

Released on August 03 2016. It affects the following platforms: PC, Mac.

Hotfix 8/3/16 – Shadows of the Hist Quest Reward Fix (PC/Mac Only)Edit

Today, we published a hotfix to implement the following bug fix:

Fixed an issue with the quest reward armament for the Sap and Stone (Ruins of Mazzatun) and Silk and Shadow (Cradle of Shadows) quests. After this fix, opening the Mazzatun Armaments and Cradle of Shadows Armaments will now correctly yield an item that scales to your character’s level, instead of a level 1 item.
As part of our efforts to fix this issue and ensure that players get an appropriately leveled item reward for completing these quests, we are sending all players who have completed these quests a new Mazzatun Armaments and/or Cradle of Shadows Armaments.

No downtime is required, and you will not need to relog or download a patch for this change. Thank you!