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Released on January 27 2021. (forum post)

Welcome to The Elder Scrolls Online v6.3.0, featuring the Flames of Ambition DLC and the start of the Gates of Oblivion year-long adventure! This DLC adds two new 4-player dungeons for you to tackle - Black Drake Villa and The Cauldron – in addition to several new item sets, collectibles, achievements, and furnishings.

Update 29, the latest base game update free for all players, brings about a number of significant changes and new features. First and foremost, we've updated the entire Champion Point system with a new UI and all-new stars to choose for your characters. Equipped Armor pieces also now passively augment your character's effectiveness, and you can view additional combat stats in a new Advanced Stats UI.

Housing enthusiasts will be excited to utilize a new feature to fast travel outside your home, and we've made several improvements when previewing furnishings and houseguests. We've also added many new furnishings for you to enjoy!

PC/Mac NA characters have been copied this week, though please note all skills are reset due to the issue outlined in this forum post, and all CP is reset due to the new Champion System. We hope you enjoy this latest update, which is approximately 1.85GB in size, and we look forward to reading your feedback!