Released on October 01 2018.

The Elder Scrolls Online v4.2.2 has a total of six (six!!) in-game events for you to test, all of which are detailed below, and will also allow you to test the summoning ritual for the Nascent Indrik mount. We'd love to get your feedback on this! Additionally, we've made several balance changes to combat and class abilities, including reverting the cast time on Annulment and Conjured Ward. We've also made progress on improving the Mac game client, specifically in preparation for the new iOS Mojave, and have a number of fixes relating to Murkmire content. We've copied all PC/Mac European megaserver characters for you to use in this patch, which is approximately 545MB. Thanks for all the feedback provided thus far; keep it coming!

New Features / Updates / Big ChangesEdit

Indrik Mount

During this PTS patch, you'll be able to test the sequence of events to obtain your very own Indrik mount! This mount can be earned by completing in-game events, and later exchanging Event Tickets for unique Indrik Feathers from The Impresario.

  • To acquire the magical Nascent Indrik mount, you'll need to collect four unique Indrik Feathers, which are purchased in exchange for Event Tickets with The Impresario.
    • The Impresario can be found in Daggerfall, Davon's Watch, and Vulkhel Guard.
  • Each Indrik Feather requires 10 Event Tickets.
    • Note: You can only hold up to 12 Event Tickets at a time.
  • Event Tickets can be earned by participating in specific in-game events.
  • Each time a new and participating in-game event starts, you'll be able to collect a new Feather and any previous Feathers; you won't be locked out of obtaining Feathers from previous events.
  • Once you've summoned the base Nascent Indrik mount, you'll have a chance to evolve it with the use of unique Berries.
    • Similar to Feathers, Berries are available from The Impresario in exchange for Event Tickets.
    • While some Berries will be available during this PTS cycle through testable in-game events, there won't be enough to evolve the Indrik at this time.
Clockwork City Celebration

For the first time, we'll be celebrating the Clockwork City DLC with a new event, and you'll be able to test it this week on the PTS.

  • There are a number of bonuses found throughout the zone, including:
    • Double harvesting resources from regular crafting nodes
    • Double reward drops for defeating any Boss
    • Double rewards from Clockwork City daily and weekly quests
  • Additionally, you'll be able to obtain Event Tickets from the Impresario Event Merchant.
    • You can earn two Event Tickets by completing any Clockwork City Daily Quest, once per day per account
    • The Impresario will also have the Gilded Indrik Feather to purchase with Event Tickets.
Undaunted Celebration

We're kicking off another dungeon event later this year to give you a chance to earn a number of in-game items, including the third Indrik feather!

  • To get started, simply utilize the Dungeon Finder and queue for a random Normal or Veteran dungeon.
  • Upon completion of the dungeon, you'll receive a Mysterious Reward Box that contains a bevy of items, and could include one of the following:
    • Survey Reports
    • Treasure Maps
    • Undaunted Plunder
    • Transmute Crystals
    • Undaunted Keys
    • Scalecaller Themed Pets
    • Motif Chapters
    • Mounts
    • Houses
  • You can also earn up to 3 Event Tickets by defeating the final boss of any dungeon (Normal or Veteran), once per account per day.
  • Visit the Impresario to purchase the Emerald Indrik Feather with your Event Tickets!
New Life Festival

The New Life Festival returns! As with previous years, track down Breda outside Windhelm to obtain the appropriately-named quest, "The New Life Festival" to get started.

  • Once you complete Breda's requests, you'll have the opportunity to complete up to nine different daily quests, each themed for Tamriel's different races and located in their respective zones. These include:
    • Castle Charm Challenge (Breton)
    • Fish Boon Feast (Argonian)
    • Lava Foot Stomp (Dunmer)
    • Mud Ball Merriment (Bosmer)
    • Signal Fire Sprint (Redguard)
    • Snow Bear Plunge (Nord)
    • Stonetooth Bash (Orc)
    • The Trial of Five-Clawed Guile (Khajiit)
    • War Orphan's Sojourn (Altmer)
  • In addition, you can drink Breda's Magnificent Mead (located in the New Life Festival Pavilion) to gain a 100% Experience buff for two hours.
  • There are a number of rewards you have the chance to obtain when completing these quests, including:
    • Flavor Ingredients
    • Consumable Mementos
    • Skinchanger Motif Chapters
    • New Life Runeboxes
    • Provisioning Recipes
    • Light Source Furnishings
    • Thiefy Potions
    • Wolfsbane Incense
    • New Life Charity Writs
    • A new Crystalfrost skin, earned by completing twelve New Life Charity Writs
  • You'll be able to acquire one Event Ticket by completing any New Life Festival daily quest, once per day.
    • With these, you can purchase the Opaline Indrik Feather from the Impresario Event Merchant.
Midyear Mayhem

Midyear Mayhem is returning, but sooner than you think… As usual, you will receive double AP and double XP from PvP player kills when the reusable scroll is active.

  • To start your Midyear Mayhem journey, simply follow the following steps:
    • Visit the in-game Crown Store and acquire and activate the "Details on the Midyear Mayhem" ticket
    • Travel to your Alliance War faction's main gate in Cyrodiil using the Alliance War menu
    • Find the NPC called "Predicant Maera" and pick up the quest "Midyear Mayhem" (if you already completed the quest last year, you won't need to do it again)
    • Complete the quest to receive your Scroll of Pelinal's Ferocity and a Pelinal's Midyear Boon Box
    • Use the scroll to enjoy a two-hour, 100% buff in the Alliance War, Imperial City, and Battlegrounds. This applies to both Alliance Points gained and Experience gains for PvP player kills.
      • Important Note: You can keep the Scroll of Pelinal's Ferocity and re-use it for the duration of the event. If you already completed the quest in last year's event, the scroll you received then will work, too.
  • You also have a chance to acquire a Boon Box that could contain the following items:
    • Transmute Crystals
    • Alchemy reagents
    • PvP consumables such as repair kits, forward camps, and siege weapons
    • Motif pages for the Alliance and Akaviri styles
    • Style items for your Alliance
    • Akaviri style items
    • Coldharbour siege weapons
    • Prismatic Runestones
    • Books of Pelinal housing items
  • During this event, you can obtain one Event Ticket after completing a Cyrodiil Board or Town Daily quest, once per day per account.
    • You can turn in Event Tickets to the Impresario to purchase the first Indrik evolution berry, the Dawnwood Berry of Bloom.
Morrowind Celebration

Looking for more new events? Enter the Morrowind Celebration! During the event, you'll enjoy various bonuses while adventuring throughout the zone of Vvardenfell.

  • Bonuses during this event include the following:
    • Double reward drops for defeating any Boss
    • Double rewards from Daily and Weekly quests
    • Double harvesting resources from regular crafting nodes
  • In addition, you'll be able to get one Event Ticket by completing a Morrowind World Boss Daily quest and one ticket by completing a Morrowind Delve Boss Daily quest, once per day per account.
    • You can use these Event Tickets by visiting the Impresario to purchase the Dawnwood Berry of Budding.
Thieves Guild/Dark Brotherhood Celebration

We'll be once again celebrating the Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood DLCs in unison, with the same bonuses you enjoyed earlier this year.

  • The bonuses from the event include the following:
    • Double harvest node yields in Hew's Bane and Gold Coast
    • Double delve and world boss drops in Hew's Bane and Gold Coast
    • Increased style item drops from Maw of Lorkhaj Bosses
    • Increased rewards from Heists and Sacraments dailies
  • Important Note: The repeatable quests from the Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood DLC packs do not have bonus rewards during the event period.
  • You can also obtain one event ticket by completing a Heist Daily quest, and one ticket by completing a Sacrament Daily quest, once per day per account.
    • As with the other events, you can visit the Impresario to exchange Event Tickets for a Dawnwood Berry of Growth, used to assist in evolving your Indrik mount.

Known IssuesEdit

Exploration & ItemizationEdit

Event Tickets

  • All events that award Event Tickets via daily quest completion currently have an issue where the Event Ticket cooldown timer and Daily Quest reset timer can become desynced, resulting in completing a daily quest and not being awarded Event Tickets.
    • As a temporary workaround, after completion of an Event Daily Quest, wait 20 hours before completing another daily quest of the same type.

Imperial City Fixes & ImprovementsEdit

Combat & GameplayEdit


  • Guards found in the Imperial City will no longer spawn under the world.

Murkmire Fixes & ImprovementsEdit

Art & AnimationEdit


  • Voriplasmic Corpses now properly display Voriplasm on their weapons.


  • Various Argonian Stellas, cave entrances, and the Sarcophagus no longer suddenly pop into view as you get closer.
  • You are now able to move up the staircase found in the Teeth of Sithis.


  • Improved the visuals of various waterfalls found in Murkmire.
  • Improved the collision of various waterfalls in Murkmire to prevent you from seeing through them.
  • Improved the collision on various rocks and plateaus in Murkmire to prevent you from seeing through them in first person view, or accessing non-playable areas.

Crafting & EconomyEdit


  • Fixed interactions with a number of Murkmire cooking fires.

Dungeons & Group ContentEdit

Blackrose Prison

  • General
    • Blackrose Prison's map icon will now always appear and can be traveled to for those that have the proper access.
  • Arena 2: Hall of Beasts
    • River Trolls will no longer throw Mudcrabs.

Exploration & ItemizationEdit


  • Removed an errant ore node in Lilmoth City.
  • The Marshmist Skin reward is now granted by completing the Blackrose Prison Conqueror achievement.
  • Murkmire books will now appear more often on bookshelves and book stacks found in Murkmire.


  • The Murkmire Adventurer achievement now requires you to complete 20 quests, previously 34 quests.
  • The Murkmire Master Angler achievement now lists the water types of each fish. Also, corrected spelling of the Ayotlchin fish in the description of the achievement.
  • Points of Interest in Murkmire now give proper achievement credit for finding them.
  • Corrected typos in the Murkmire Skyshard Hunter achievement.

Justice System

  • Safeboxes in Murkmire will no longer be empty when opened.
  • Ukaspa will now actually care when you steal from him.


  • Fixed an issue where previewing the Vossastl Memento might cause your character to vanish while idle.


  • The "Blackguard" Motif books are no longer visible in the Lore Library menu. These books will become available during a future update, where they will be known as "Honor Guard".



  • Corrected size notes on all Grave Stake furnishings.
  • Adjusted the names on the two Lantern Flower furnishings, to better clarify between the two of them. They are now "Plant, Luminous Lantern Flower" and "Plant, Large Inert Lantern Flower".
  • Corrected the name of the "Banner, Rootwater" furnishing. It is now "Banner, Root-Whisper".
  • Adjusted the name and category of the following furnishing items:
    • Murkmire Lamp, Shell. It is now Murkmire Candle, Standing Shell and sits within the Candles category, because it is in fact a big standing shell candle, and not a lamp.
    • Murkmire Candlepost, Driftwood and Murkmire Candlepost, Timber are now Candles, not Braziers.
    • The New Life Ladle is now Symbolic Decor, rather than Mounted Decor.
    • The Tree, Ancient Banyan is now the Tree, Huge Ancient Banyan, to clarify it against the original Tree, Ancient Banyan.


  • Improved a number of clipping issues in the Lakemire Xanmeer Manor.

Quests & ZonesEdit


  • The city map of Lilmoth now correctly shows the type of home goods Harnulf sells.
  • Safeboxes in Lilmoth and other settled areas are now guarded properly.
  • You will now need to discover Root-Whisper Village before you can use its Wayshrine.


  • By River and Root: Once you complete the Murkmire Main Quest, a new banner for Root-Whisper Village will unfurl in the village (and nowhere else).
  • Death and Dreaming:
    • You can now complete this quest even if you run out of the area before claiming the Sap-Speaker's staff.
    • If you happen to leave during some of the more serious theater moments, they will now either reply or pick up where you left off when you return.
  • Missing in Murkmire: If you log out before talking to Xukas, you will no longer have all other characters disappear upon logging back in. The quest name was taken quite literally in this case.
  • Something About Stibbons: Your quest progress will no longer be blocked if you log out during this quest.
  • Sounds of Home: Nesh-Deeka will now remain in shop during relevant parts of this quest.
  • The Burnt Branch: You will no longer be erroneously directed to leave Murkmire during this quest.
  • The Lost Legion: Dradeiva now consistently appears when she is necessary to help complete the associated quest steps.
  • The Swamp and the Serpent: You will no longer get lost in Xul-Thuxis due to misdirected map pins.
  • Unsuitable Suitors: Suitors will no longer disappear before the quest is complete.



  • Added icons to most Murkmire and Blackrose Prison achievements.

Combat & GameplayEdit

Combat & AbilitiesEdit

Developer Comment: A number of changes listed below are targeted at reducing the overall movement speed of players. It is currently too easy for players to hit and stay at the 100% movement speed cap, allowing them to disengage from dangerous situations easily. You will still be able to hit the 100% movement speed cap; however, it will now require more investment to hit and stay at it. We're still working on ensuring all sources of Major Expedition are being brought up to the new values, such as Major Expedition on potions.


  • Your character will now have a faster knock-down animation when being dismounted.
  • Increased the movement speed bonus from the Steed Mundus Stone to 10% from 5%.
  • Combat pets will now take 0 damage while in a Dungeon, Trial, or Group Arena.
  • Pets now inherit the caster's Critical Resistance.
  • The Swift Jewelry Trait now increases movement speed by 6% at max quality, previously 10%.


  • Ardent Flame
    • Fiery Grip: This ability now grants Major Expedition for a maximum of 4 seconds instead of 6 seconds.
    • World in Ruin: Fixed an issue where this passive was not reducing the cost of Trapping Webs and its morphs.
  • Earthen Heart
    • Obsidian Shield: Reduced the health scale of this ability and its morphs to 8% from 9%, and reduced the shield bonus for the caster of Igneous Shield from 200% bonus to 150% bonus.
      • Developer Comment: With these changes, Obsidian Shield and its morphs should be roughly equivalent in power as they previously were, now that armor applies to them.


  • Assassination
    • Grim Focus: Added a brief minimum travel time to the Assassin's Will proc of this ability and its morphs.
      • Developer Comment: This change was made to ensure you have a brief window to react to this powerful attack when the caster uses it in close combat quarters.


  • Dark Magic
    • Crystal Fragments:
      • Increased the damage of the proc from this ability to 20% from 10%.
      • This ability's proc now has a very brief minimum travel time before it hits your target.
      • You can no longer get a Crystal Fragment proc while you are not actively engaged in combat.
    • Conjured Ward: Reverted the cast time and duration increases from this ability. The total strength is now limited to 40% of caster's max health.
    • Hardened Ward (Conjured Ward morph): This morph now only ranks up the damage shield strength, instead of shield strength and caster self-shield bonus.
      • Known issue: The ability rank-up currently allows a damage shield increase of 3.3% higher than the cap, and is also currently applying Battle Spirit after the 40% cap instead of before.
  • Storm Calling
    • Boundless Storm: This ability now grants Major Expedition for a maximum of 4 seconds instead of 7.5.


  • Aedric Spear
    • Radial Sweep: Fixed an issue where the Empowering Sweep and Crescent Sweep morphs were checking against the incorrect resistance type.
    • Blazing Shield: Reduced the amount of damage that this ability deals from a maximum of 42% of the shield size to 30%.
      • Developer Comment: Since shields now scale with your Armor, we wanted to ensure this ability wasn't doing too much for its cost and effectiveness. The shield should now absorb more damage, but its total damage dealt has slightly decreased to compensate.


  • Animal Companions
    • Falcon's Swiftness: This ability now grants Major Expedition for a maximum of 4 seconds instead of 10 seconds.
  • Green Balance
    • The Warden's healing abilities will now prioritize targets without Minor Toughness if both targets are at the same health.


  • Two Handed
    • Forward Momentum: Reduced the duration of the snare immunity from this ability to 4 seconds from 8 seconds.
  • Bow
    • Hasty Retreat: This ability now grants Major Expedition for a maximum of 4 seconds instead of 5 seconds.
  • Dual Wield
    • Quick Cloak: This ability now grants Major Expedition for a maximum of 4 seconds instead of 5 seconds.


  • Light Armor
    • Annulment: Reverted the cast time and duration increases from this ability. The total strength is now limited to 40% of caster's max health.
      • Known issue: The ability rank-up currently allows a damage shield increase of 3.3% higher than the cap, and is also currently applying Battle Spirit after the 40% cap instead of before.
    • Dampen Magic (Annulment morph): Fixed an issue where this morph was not scaling in size based on how many pieces of Light Armor your character was wearing.
    • Harness Magicka (Annulment morph): Fixed an issue where this morph was double dipping with its Magicka return based on the Light Armor worn.
      • Known Issue: This ability is currently giving a larger shield than intended.


  • Mages Guild
    • Meteor: Fixed an issue where the morphs of this ability would cause your character to slide on the ground when knocked back.
    • Volcanic Rune: Fixed an issue where your character could slide on the ground after being knocked by this ability.
  • Undaunted
    • Bone Shield: Reduced the effectiveness of the Bone Wall and Spinal Surge Synergy granted by this ability and its morphs to 50% from 100%.
      • Developer Comment: With the changes to shields now accounting for your armor, we wanted to ensure these shields could remain just as potent as before, but you would need to allocate more resources in doing so.

Itemization & Item SetsEdit

Item Sets

  • Reduced the duration of the Major Expedition buff granted from some item sets to 8 seconds from 20 seconds. The affected item sets include:
    • Dreugh King Slayer
    • Quick Serpent
    • Vicious Serpent
      • Developer Comment: With the pass on the accessibility to the Major Expedition buff, we wanted to ensure there were sets that wouldn't allow players to keep this buff active all the time without high trade off or big requirements.
  • Arms of Relequen: Fixed an issue where the damage over time from this item set and the perfected version would break your character out of stealth.
  • Balorgh: Fixed an issue where some Ultimates were not working with this item set.
    • Note: Overload still should not proc Balorgh.
  • Battalion Defender: The tooltip from this item set now lists radius of healing effect.
  • Hist Bark:
    • Fixed an issue where this item set could stack with other sources of Major Evasion. This set will now override and replace any active Major Evasion when you activate block.
    • Fixed an issue where you could get Hist Bark to temporarily persist without blocking.
  • Impregnable: Reduced the maximum bonus of this item set's Critical Resistance to 2000 with 5 pieces of gold quality from 2500.
    • Developer Comment: This set was reducing damage far more than any other set in the game and limiting gear diversity for defensive sets. This change still retains the power of the set while bringing it more in line with other defensive sets, since this still only reduces damage from Critical Strikes rather than all damage taken.
  • Leki's Focus: The damage reduction no longer stacks additively with Minor/Major Evasion.
  • Radial Uppercut: This item set now deals 100% damage to 1 nearby target instead of 50% to 2 nearby targets.
  • Razor Shot: This item set now deals 50% of Scattershot's damage as poison instead of 40% as a bleed.
  • Wild Impulse: This item set now deals damage over 8 seconds instead of 9 seconds.

Base Game Fixes & ImprovementsEdit

Alliance War & PVPEdit


  • You are no longer able to mount on Bridge Houses.
  • Repair Kits for Milegates and Bridges now properly state whether they can be repaired or not while in combat.
  • Using a Repair Kit on keeps, siege, doors, milegates or bridges can now be interrupted even when CC immune.
  • If your character gets stuck under Niben River, Niben Bay or Lake Rumare, you will now be moved to your border Keeps.
  • Adjusted the positioning of the guards found near the Bruma central flag.


  • Reduced the damage from Scattershot by approximately 40%.

Dungeons & Group ContentEdit


  • Area of Effect abilities within Dungeons and Trials are now much more accurate when dealing damage from within those effects, reducing those "I was out of that!" moments.

Exploration & ItemizationEdit


  • Fixed an issue where Adhazabi Aba-Daro the Golden was selling purple-quality jewelry at gold-quality prices.


  • Fixed an issue where you could mount while using the Kick Ball Memento. Kick Ball is no longer an equestrian sport.



  • Renamed the Cardinal Flower Plant Cluster furnishings to be less misleading regarding the scale of the items.
  • Crafting stations are now slightly more lenient about allowing you to use them when near other objects.


Mac Game Client

  • Fixed an issue where moving slotted abilities would cause your game to crash.
    • Note: This will also fix a number of other cursor-related issues as well.
  • Fixed an issue where text would appear corrupted on some screens.
  • Fixed an issue where your inventory and other UI icons would not render properly.
  • Fixed an issue where you could not interact with crafting stations or target monsters at range.



  • Fixed an issue where not all quest rewards would appear in a conversation window.
  • Fixed an issue where you could click the bottom right corner of an announcement window and unintentionally open the help window.
  • Stacks of books found in the world will now have more consistent tooltips.

Crown Store

  • Gifts will now properly show stack counts.
  • Fixed an issue where Murkmire would not appear as purchased when you initially acquired it from the Crown Store.
  • Fixed a UI error that could occur when being auto-navigated to a specific product in the Crown Store.