Released on July 23 2018.

The Elder Scrolls Online v4.1.2 has several improvements to Jewelry Crafting, bug fixes for the two new Wolfhunter dungeons, a handful of ability and item set adjustments, plus a fix for the invisible walls mainly in PvE areas. We've also copied all PC/Mac European megaserver characters to the PTS. The size of this patch is approximately 215MB. Enjoy!

Known IssuesEdit

Combat & GameplayEdit


  • Green Balance
    • Lotus Flower: Temporarily disabled the heal from this ability and its morphs from working with Mend Wound's Light Attack to prevent a serious bug from occurring. A fix for this issue will be included in a future patch.

Summerset Fixes & ImprovementsEdit

Crafting & EconomyEdit

Jewelry Crafting

  • Added Jewelry Crafting materials to some Blacksmithing resource nodes.
    • You will occasionally find a single unit of Dust on a Blacksmithing node (or two units of Dust, if the Plentiful Harvest passive triggers).
    • If the Blacksmithing node's material is based on your character level, then so is the Dust you'll find on it. If the Blacksmithing node's material is based on your Blacksmithing passive rank, then the Dust you find will be based on your Jewelry Crafting passive rank.
  • Significantly reduced the amount of Boosters needed to improve the quality of Jewelry.
    • At maximum rank of Plating Expertise, it now takes only a single piece of Terne Plating to go from white to green, two Iridium Platings to go from green to blue, three Zircon Platings to go from blue to purple, and only 4 Chromium Platings to go from purple to gold.
  • Jewelry Crafting Writs will no longer reward Terne, Iridium, or Zircon Grains. They will now only reward Chromium Grains, with the chance to obtain a Grain increasing with the rank of the Jewelry Crafting writ completed, similar to other durable trade skill writ rewards.

Wolfhunter Fixes & ImprovementsEdit

Dungeons & Group ContentEdit


  • March of Sacrifices
    • Bloodscent Guardians will now join the fight when their friends do.
    • The Sea Lurcher's Flotsam ability now correctly aligns the visual effects with its impact.
    • Tarcyr's Rapid Frost ability now correctly does Spell Damage instead of Physical Damage.
    • Balorgh:
      • Wolves summoned during Balorgh's Hunting Party ability will now perish when Balorgh falls.
      • Reduced the health of the Dire Wolves present in the encounter.
      • The Shades of Balorgh can no longer cast Icy Roar.
      • There is now an Active Combat Tip that displays when the Fiery Eruption cast begins.
      • VO can now be heard at the beginning of the Fiery Eruption ability.
      • VO no longer plays when Fiery Charge is cast.
      • Burning Embers no longer ticks immediately from the Fiery Remnant ability.
      • Reduced the damage dealt per tick from Fiery Remnant.
  • Moon Hunter Keep
    • Replaced the generic "This is a death recap for XXXX boss" with actual Death Recap hints.
    • The chains holding Vykosa the Ascendant's wolves, Ary and Zel, now connect to the harness and wall correctly.
    • Vykosa's wolves will now visibly break their chains.
    • Vykosa's wolves can no longer enrage while cowering.
    • Shock Wardens will now only appear in the Hard Mode of the Vykosa fight.
    • Moon Hunter Strikers and Moon Hunter Cleavers will no longer keep the fight alive once Vykosa has been vanquished.

Exploration & ItemizationEdit


  • The Achievement "Trick and Trap" now correctly states that you only need to lead Balorgh to 10 traps in order to complete it.


  • Fixed an issue where the Werewolf Behemoth Sigil Collectible was not visible in the Collections window until it was obtained. The Memento will now be visible in your Collections menu whether or not you have it, allowing you to see how to obtain it.

Combat & GameplayEdit

Combat & AbilitiesEdit


  • Enchantments now remember the weapon from which they were fired. This means if you fire a bow ability and weapon swap, when that bow ability deals damage, the enchantment on your bow will fire.
    • Note: This was introduced in patch 4.1.0, but wanted to include it in these patch notes to clarify the intended change.


  • Assassination
    • Incapacitating Strike (Death Stroke morph): This ability now only stuns if you have 120 Ultimate or more. To visually show its readiness state, the icon will change to a recolored version and the animation of the cast will change.


  • Dark Magic
    • Rune Cage (Rune Prison morph): This ability now only deals damage if the stun lasts for its full duration.


  • Dawn's Wrath
    • Radiant Destruction: Increased the maximum bonus execute damage dealt by this ability and its morphs to 480% from 400%.
  • Restoring Light
    • Rune Focus: Increased the duration of this ability and its morphs to 20 seconds from 18 seconds, and reverted the cost increase to this ability and its morphs.


  • Two Handed
    • Heavy Weapons: Fixed an issue where the axe bleed would not stack when multiple players used it against the same enemy.
  • Destruction Staff
    • Pulsar (Impulse morph): Fixed an issue where this ability was only applying Minor Mangle to one target.


  • Psijic Order
    • Mend Wounds: Reverted the change that toggled this ability and its morphs off if you weapon swapped to an action bar that did not have it slotted.

Itemization & Item SetsEdit

Item Sets

  • Sload's Semblance: A projectile will now fire when this item set procs, which applies the damage over time effect. This projectile can be dodged.
  • Vykosa: Slightly adjusted the 5-piece bonus from this item set.
    • OLD
      • 5: When you taunt an enemy, you frighten them with a deafening howl, applying Major Maim to them for 3 seconds, lowering their damage done by 30%. This effect can occur once every 15 seconds.
    • NEW
      • 5: When you Bash an enemy you have taunted, you frighten them with a deafening howl, applying Major Maim to them for 3 seconds, lowering their damage done by 30% This effect can occur once every 15 seconds.

Base Game Fixes & ImprovementsEdit

Alliance War & PVPEdit


  • Adjusted several guards at Chalman Mine so they can be hit by ranged attacks.


  • Fixed an issue where you were still able to cast Undo to get back into starting areas.

Art & AnimationEdit


  • Fixed some visual issues on the Scarecrow Spectre Mask (specifically when equipped by Argonians) and the Thicketman Spectre Mask.
  • Fixed an issue where the Ice Heart Mask and Shoulder Outfit Styles could be invisible.
  • Fixed some visual tearing that would appear on the lower part of the Militant Ordinator Homespun robe.
  • Fixed a small hole in the paw of some Senche pets and mounts.

Crafting & EconomyEdit


  • The tutorial pop-up received upon visiting a Master Writ Mediator will now only display the first time you speak to one.

Exploration & ItemizationEdit


  • Used Bait is now marked as Trash quality.



  • Fixed an issue that led to unusual rotations for pets, mounts, target dummies, and assistants in your home.


  • Fixed an issue that prevented various "Animal Bones" furnishings from appearing when previewed or placed.
  • The "Alinor Bookshelf, Grand Full" furnishing is now actually filled with books, as intended.


  • Fixed various collision issues with the Psijic Villa home so you will no longer get stuck, and filled several holes in the structure.



  • Fixed a number of commonly occurring crashes.
  • Fixed an issue that could occasionally cause buildings and walls to disappear, mainly affecting PvE areas.

Quests & ZonesEdit

Main Quest

  • Soul Shriven in Coldharbour: Your quest progress will no longer become blocked if you log out during the quest step "Reach the Prophet's Cell".



  • Fixed an issue where the player-to-player radial menu could have duplicated icons in it.
  • Adjusted the alignment of the Equipment Bonus label to prevent text overlaps.
  • Added icons for Event Tickets.

Alliance War

  • Improved the messaging for when you can and cannot use a Keep Recall Stone.


  • Fixed an issue where you could get stuck previewing furniture at a Crafting Station.

Crown Store

  • Fixed a UI error that could occur when buying DLC from the Crown Store.

Gamepad Mode

  • Fixed a UI error that could appear when enchanting gear.


  • Navigating to the Werewolf skill line will now auto-swap you to the Werewolf ability bar only if you have the Ultimate already slotted.
  • Fixed several issues related to spending skill points on Werewolf skills.

Help & Tutorials

  • Added a new "Events" section in the Help and Tutorials menu to provide information on various holidays and celebrations.
    • This includes the new Event Merchant, the Impresario, and Event Tickets.
    • It will also provide information on how to participate in events, and the rewards you can earn through participation.