Released on May 14 2018.

The Elder Scrolls Online v4.0.4 is our final incremental patch on the PTS, and includes several bug fixes spanning various Summerset quests, the new Trial, several abilities and item sets, and more. We also added the final, new music to Summerset. Turn it up to 11! Due to the amount of new audio added, the size of this patch is larger than usual at 1.32GB.

Dragon Bones Fixes & ImprovementsEdit

Art & AnimationEdit


  • Fixed various pink-textured assets that were appearing in Scalecaller Peak.

Morrowind Fixes & ImprovementsEdit

Quests & ZonesEdit


  • Divine Inquiries: Fixed an issue where you could not interact with Seryn when you first meet her on the road after the Red Exiles ambush.

Summerset Fixes & ImprovementsEdit

Art & AnimationEdit


  • The Gryphon’s legs will no longer flail while rotating in the air.



  • Added new music across the entire zone. Give it a listen for a real auditory treat!

Combat & GameplayEdit


  • Psijic Order
    • Imbue Weapon: Fixed an issue that prevented Imbue Weapon and Crushing Weapon from being cast while silenced.
    • Meditate: This ability and its morphs can now be cancelled by casting another ability.
    • Precognition (Undo morph): Fixed an issue that allowed this ability to negate important, unbreakable boss stuns.

Monster Abilities

  • Yaghra Striders no longer spin mysteriously in the air when they Lunge.
  • The Salamander’s Scurry ability now displays a green visual effect on the ground.
  • Added a low rumble for the duration of Keelsplitters' Slam ability, giving you additional information on when stepping on snakes is dangerous.

Crafting & EconomyEdit

Jewelry Crafting

  • Fixed an issue where the Deconstruction Analyst achievements could be completed by deconstructing Jewelry, even though Jewelry uses different materials.

Dungeons & Group ContentEdit

Cloudrest Trial Reduced the health of the Welkynar Shades (Galenwe, Siroria and Relequen) and the Yaghra Monstrosity.

  • Increased the health of the Gryphon Shades (Falarielle, Silaeda and Belanaril).
  • Baneful Burst now affect fewer players.
  • The Welkynar Shades that are defeated and stunned by Olorime's Shackles while fighting Z’Maja are no longer freed by the Shade of Z'Maja when she emerges.
  • The Shade of Z'Maja now summons Malicious Spheres and Nocturnal Creepers after emerging from the Shadow World portal.
  • Player characters damaged by Malicious Strike now suffer from the damage over time debuff, Dark Drain.
  • When the Shade of Z'Maja emerges from the Shadow World portal, the Gryphon Shades will now become empowered, increasing the number of players targeted by their special abilities.
  • Slightly reduced the Baneful Mark’s defile effect.
  • You can now dodge the damage from Crushing Darkness.
  • The Wind of the Welkynar synergy ability will now persist throughout the cast time of Dark Detonation.
  • Shifting Shadows no longer affects player characters affected by the Wind of the Welkynar synergy.
  • The visual effects from the Hoarfrost ability are now correctly removed upon death, or when using the Shed Hoarfrost synergy.
  • Malevolent Cores no longer persist after the Shadow World is closed.
  • Baneful Mark now applies Cowardice, which doubles the cost of your Ultimate abilities.
  • When a Malicious Sphere is destroyed, the amount of Malicious Strike projectiles launched is now based on how many Welkynar Shades are present in the encounter.

Exploration & ItemizationEdit


  • The Big-Eared Ginger Kitten Pet now appears in the Collection menu before you acquire it, with a hint about where to find it.



  • Adjusted the names of the new furnishings found in Summerset. These are now known as Alinor furnishings, to distinguish them from the original High Elf furnishings.


  • Sealed a small gap in the walls of the Colossal Aldmeri Grotto.

Quests & ZonesEdit


  • Updated the Sea Keep map to display the proper map while in the barracks.


  • An Unexpected Betrayal: Bounty Hunters no longer Lunge at targets in water.
  • Old Wounds:
    • Fixed an issue that would prevent Celan from shooting his bow and speaking his VO during the ritual.
    • Fixed an issue where you wouldn't see Lorne or the ritual if a group mate examined the scratches.
  • Storming the Walls: Updated the quest pin to better guide you through the doors in Sea Keep.
  • The Crystal Tower: Fixed an issue that would prevent your followers from actually following you if you reclogged while in the Tower.
  • The Dreaming Cave: Fixed an issue where your companion could get stuck if you spoke to them immediately following freeing a prisoner.
  • The Ebon Sanctum:
    • You can no longer leave Fletch's area via the doorway until you defeat him.
    • Fixed an issue that allowed you to activate a certain event just as the previous one was concluding.
  • The Queen's Decree: Fixed an issue where your quest progress could become blocked during the quest step to defend Valsirenn if another player was already attempting the event.
  • Wasting Away: fixed an issue where you couldn’t talk with Ruliel if you accepted the quest from Amsha.

Combat & GameplayEdit

Combat Fixes & ImprovementsEdit


  • Fixed an issue that prevented you from targeting allies with friendly abilities while an enemy stood between you.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing abilities to be removed from your hotbar.


  • Eternal Guardian:
    • When reviving during a duel, the Eternal Guardian will now revive with the correct amount of health.
    • Fixed an issue that prevented Wardens from being able to re-summon the Eternal Guardian after dying and reviving.


  • Werewolf
    • Increased the damage of Light and Heavy Attacks in Werewolf form by 50%.
      • Developer Comment: This change was done to bring Werewolf attacks in-line with the recent Light and Heavy Attack balance adjustments.
    • Fixed an issue where the Werewolf Transformation and Pack Leader morphs would apply two bleed damage over time effects when using Light Attacks.

Itemization BalanceEdit

Item Sets

  • Mechanical Acuity: This item set now only procs on direct damage instead of all damage.

Itemization & Item SetsEdit


  • Fixed an issue that occasionally allowed you to continue moving while under the effect of Entrapping Poison.
  • All Speed and Stun poisons are now affected by snare immunity.

Item Sets

Base Game Fixes & ImprovementsEdit

Alliance War & PVPEdit


  • You will no longer be able to pull allies into the Pit Daemons spawn area in Arcane University.
  • Silver Leash can no longer be used in starter areas of Battlegrounds or respawn locations in Imperial City.

Art & AnimationEdit


  • Dismounting while moving no longer causes your character to sink into the ground.


  • The Ancient Elf Iron chest piece no longer appears black around the neck of female player characters when previewed or equipped.
  • Equipping the Arena Gladiator Helm no longer turns your character’s facial hair black.

Combat & EconomyEdit


  • Fixed an issue where guards would not actually talk to you after stopping you.

Crafting & EconomyEdit


  • Fixed an issue where the effects of certain potions could be stacked if you were using Infused jewelry. These effects now replace themselves if you consume another potion of the same type.



  • Fixed an issue that caused NPCs to be invisible when loading into some areas.



  • Fixed a UI error that could occur when hovering over an item in a Transmute Station, then switching to the character window.