Elder Scrolls Online: Patch

Released on August 21 2017.

The Elder Scrolls Online v3.1.6 is an incremental patch that fixes several issues that occurred after we published Update 15. This includes the Treasure Hunter passive not functioning, issues with repair kits and canceling research, the Infallible Mage item set being stronger than intended, various UI display issues, and more. The size of this patch is approximately 135MB. (Link here)

Fixes & ImprovementsEdit


Combat & GameplayEdit


Dungeons & Group ContentEdit

Halls of Fabrication Trial

  • Refabrication Committee
    • Fixed an issue where the Overheating and Overloading abilities were killing the affected player characters faster than intended.



  • Removed an erroneous tooltip from the Nature's Grasp Suppression effect from the list of Active Effects.

Horns of the ReachEdit

Dungeons & Group ContentEdit


Combat Fixes & ImprovementsEdit


  • Fixed an issue where the Diseased status effect was not applying Major Defile

Champion System

Itemization Fixes & ImprovementsEdit

Item Sets

  • Infallible Mage: Fixed an issue where this Item Set's second 5-piece bonus was granting significantly higher Spell Critical Strike Chance than intended.

Base Game PatchEdit

Art & AnimationEdit


  • Fixed an issue where the Pumpkin Spectre Mask had a different appearance after Update 15; it will now look as it did when you first obtained it.

Dungeons & Group ContentEdit


Exploration & ItemizationEdit


  • Fixed an issue where using lower-level repair kits on higher-level items could cause your game to crash.


  • Fixed an issue that temporarily prevented you from researching items, caused by canceling the same research twice in a row.



  • Fixed an issue where attempting to set an active quest when you have no quests would display a UI error.

Gamepad Mode

  • Fixed an issue where some items and item tooltips were not properly displaying in the bank inventory UI.