Released on July 31 2017.

The Elder Scrolls Online v3.1.3 incorporates some more balance changes to the game, in addition to a handful of bug fixes affecting dungeons, housing, quests, and UI. We've also fixed the issue where you weren't able to preview and purchase homes, and therefore, have added three new homes to be tested. The size of this patch is approximately 240MB.

New Features / Updates / Big ChangesEdit

New Homes

New homes are now available to be previewed and purchased for testing!

  • Hakkvild's High Hall: Hakkvild, former Jarl of Falkreath who freed the hold from the hands of Yashnag's Orcs, built himself this spacious hall on the heights above town, with convenient access to the crypts of his ancestors. And now it can be yours!
    • This home neighboring the Falkreath Hold dungeon shares a similar style, and includes both subterranean and above ground furnishing areas.
    • This home will require you to complete achievements tied to Horns of the Reach in order to purchase it with gold, but is also available for crowns in furnished and unfurnished variants.
  • Cozy Fenside Cottage: This comfy little thatched hut on the edge of Hag Fen in Glenumbra has tumbledown walls to keep the crocodiles and witches out, with easy access to the Iliac Bay if you have friends in the smuggling trade. So misty!
    • This home will require you to complete the Witches Festival achievement "An Unsparing Harvest" in order to purchase it with gold, but is also available for crowns in furnished and unfurnished variants.
  • Linchal Grand Manor: This imposing estate in the Nibenese style was originally built as the summer manor of an Imperial City nobleman, now sadly deceased. Gardens with statues and a reflecting pool surround the stately walled mansion. Sumptuous!
    • This home will only be available for purchase with crowns once it goes live.

Morrowind Fixes & ImprovementsEdit

Exploration & ItemizationEdit


  • The Library of Andule book will now properly glow.

Horns of the Reach Fixes & ImprovementsEdit

Dungeons & Group ContentEdit

  • Bloodroot Forge
    • You will now be directed to the correct location to Kill Galchobhar for both "Pledge: Bloodroot Forge" and "Blood for Blood."
    • Added additional mechanics for the Earthgore Amalgam when Hard Mode is activated.
  • Falkreath Hold
    • Removed candles within the Jarl's Hall; there's enough fire present already.
    • Doorways that are blocked and unable to be entered throughout the dungeon will now appear as such.
    • Tuecille will no longer remain a pacifist on rare occasions and refuse to attack you. We mean it this time!

Exploration & ItemizationEdit


  • Updated the achievement text in The Unbroken Line and Bull Rush achievements to include the required enemies.
  • The War Chronicler: Fixed an issue where this achievement could not be completed, and also corrected a typo.
  • Veteran Firehide Slayer: Updated this achievement to not count deaths of Dreadhorn Earthgorers towards its completion.

Thieves Guild Fixes & ImprovementsEdit

Dungeons & Group ContentEdit

Maw of Lorkhaj Trial

  • Lunar Platforms no longer stop providing the Lunar Bastion effect while active.
  • Lunar Bastion's visual effects will now show more reliably.

Justice SystemEdit


  • Added a small chance to recover the blueprint for an hourglass furnishing from priests particularly obsessed with time. Check the Gold Coast, if interested.

Combat & GameplayEdit

Combat BalanceEdit

Champion System

  • The Lady
    • Shield Expert: This 30-point unlock now increases your Spell and Physical Resistance by 1500 when you are using a Shield or a Frost Staff instead of increasing the armor value from your Shield by 75%.

Combat Fixes & ImprovementsEdit


  • Fixed an issue where the Minor Slayer buff was being removed if you equipped multiple Item Sets that granted the buff.


  • Werewolf
    • Fixed an issue where some Werewolf abilities were not animating properly when weaving Light or Heavy Attacks with them.

Champion System

Itemization BalanceEdit

Item Sets

  • Amber Plasm: Decreased the Magicka and Stamina Recovery granted by this Item Set to 250 from 300.
  • Beekeeper's Gear: Decreased the Health Recovery granted by this Item Set to 400 from 500.
  • Draugr Hulk: Increased the Max Stamina granted by this Item Set to 2540 from 2500.
  • Green Pact: Decreased the Max Health granted by this Item Set to 2500 from 4000, and increased the health recovery to 250 from 200.
  • Ironblood: Decreased the snare applied by this Item Set to a 50% Movement Speed reduction, down from 75%.
  • Leviathan: Increased the Weapon Critical Strike rating granted by this Item Set to 2470 from 1643.
  • Maw of the Infernal: The monster summoned by this Item Set now only deals Flame Damage instead of a mixture of Flame and Physical Damage.
  • Mother's Sorrow: Increased the Spell Critical Strike rating granted by this Item Set to 2470 from 1643.
  • Nerien'eth: Decreased the delay from when this Item Set procs to when it deals damage to 2 seconds from 3 seconds.
  • Plague Doctor: Decreased the Max Health granted by this Item Set to 4000 from 6000.
  • Selene: Increased the delay from when this Item Set procs to when it deals damage to 1.3 seconds from 1 second.
  • Spinner's Garments: Decreased the Spell Penetration granted by this Item Set to 3450 from 4000.
  • Spriggan's Thorns: Decreased the Physical Penetration granted by this Item Set to 3450 from 4000.
  • Tremorscale: This Item Set's proc now occurs after a one second delay instead of instantly dealing unavoidable damage.
  • Willow's Path: The percentage increase to recovery granted by this Item Set will now modify all flat increases to recovery, such as drinks.

Base Game Fixes & ImprovementsEdit

Art & AnimationEdit


  • Fixed various texture issues on a variety of assets.
  • Indoril wall hangings are back and with more appropriate art. Please review the Tribunal's own Accolade Furnisher and the Housing Editor for more details.


  • Fixed an issue so Bosmer now use the correct running and sprinting animations.

Crafting & EconomyEdit


  • Fixed an issue where Gradual Health Drain Poisons would report an unusual duration difference between the two-reagent version and the three-reagent version.
    • The two-reagent version incorrectly indicated a slightly longer duration than was accurate.
  • Fixed an issue permitting some resource-restoring poison effects to tick more often than intended.


  • Fixed an issue where Pliant Ferrofungus, the Telvanni raw style item, incorrectly named the refined style item it refines into. Pliant Ferrofungus refines into Wrought Ferrofungus.
  • Fixed a rare issue which could cause you to receive the exact same Writ quest multiple times in a row.

Dungeons & Group ContentEdit


  • Banished Cells I and II
    • High Kinlord Rilis will once again leave his platform to engage player characters.
  • City of Ash II
    • Fixed an issue which would cause some quest pips to not display properly while in this dungeon.

Exploration & ItemizationEdit


  • Removed the Clockwork Style reference from the Lore Library as it's not a valid style.

Eidetic Memory

  • The following items can now be read outside of its quest:
    • Letter to Eraven
    • Seythen's Journal
    • Removed Zaintiraris' Note from Eidetic Memory.



  • Fixed an issue that prevented you from previewing, and ultimately purchasing a home.
  • The Prophet will no longer drop by certain homes without an invitation. His urgent message can wait until you leave the privacy of your home.


  • Updated a number of furnishing and associated recipe items to have more consistent naming and qualities.
  • Fixed an issue preventing some Ayleid furnishing plans from being created.
  • Fixed an issue where a small number of new furnishings shared their appearance with other furnishings.
  • The "Telvanni Candelabra, Masterwork" furnishing now has its more arcane and final appearance.
  • The furnishing item "Mammoth Cheese, Mastercrafted" no longer emits steam from strange places. Or any place.
  • Updated the name of the "Witches Totem, Gnarled Vines and Skull" furnishing to indicate its witchyness.
  • Added cooldowns to trigger the "Decoy Elder Scroll" (5 seconds) and the "Telvanni Rotating Device" (2 seconds) to prevent stuttering or odd behavior when triggering them repeatedly in a short amount of time.
  • Adjusted a number of furnishing item tooltips to more accurately reflect their size and behavior.
  • Updated a number of furnishings to have more consistent categorization in the housing editor and purchase tabs.
  • Improved the lighting for the furnishing "Soul Gem, Great" to be more clearly associated with the item.
  • Updated the tooltips for the Lover and Lady Mundus Stone furnishing to reflect the updated Mundus boons.
  • Adjusted the lighting effects on a number of furnishings to illuminate more consistently with the day/night cycle.
  • Updated error messaging to more clearly state which furnishing cap was preventing further placement.
  • Furnishing limitation types are now more descriptive of their functions. This now consists of:
    • Traditional Furnishings (Most furnishing items)
    • Special Furnishings (VFX furnishings)
    • Collectible Furnishings (Trophies and Busts)
    • Special Collectibles (Pets, Mounts, Assistants)

Quests & ZonesEdit


  • Fixed an issue that prevented some quest bosses in this area from spawning properly.



  • Added and updated icons on a number of new furnishings and crafting materials.


  • Fixed an issue that caused some combat cue effects to still display even if they were disabled in the options.

Help & Tutorials

  • Added a Help screen for the new Chaosball battleground game mode, found under the Battlegrounds heading.
  • Updated the loading screen tip that describes DLC to include Chapters.