Released on February 20 2015.

The Elder Scrolls Online v1.6.4 is the next incremental patch on the PTS, and addresses additional issues surrounding gameplay, UI, the Crown Store, and more.

Known IssuesEdit


  • You may lose all audio after playing for a period of time. Completely closing the client and restarting will fix this.

Fixes & ImprovementsEdit

Alliance WarEdit


  • Fixed an issue where Flaming Oil was costing less for members of the Ebonheart Pact. This trade inequity has been resolved with expedient prejudice.

Art & AnimationEdit


  • Fixed an issue where idle animations when using a UI screen (such as the map) would not display properly for other player characters.

Crafting & EconomyEdit


  • You will no longer receive two forms of water from certain water sources, and will instead just receive one.
  • Obtaining alchemy water from scaled instances will no longer provide dramatically more than the normal amount.
  • Runestones no longer drop belts when harvested.

Crown StoreEdit


  • When you purchase a Crown Store consumable, a new tutorial will appear that provides tips about the different Crown Store consumables.
  • Fixed an issue where the Crown Store and Collections screens would sometimes not be available after performing a jump with your character.
  • You will no longer get a “Transaction Completed” message when a Crown Store purchase fails due to lack of inventory space.
  • Fixed an issue when previewing mounts if you opened the Crown Store with your weapons unsheathed.

Combat & GameplayEdit


  • Fixed an issue that was resulting in player characters being capable of greater damage, defense, or movement speed than intended.
  • You will now remain on your mount when traveling across a border between zones.


  • Shadow
    • Mass Hysteria: Minor Maim buff from this ability no longer stacks with other sources of Minor Maim.


  • Summoning
    • Volatile Familiar: Fixed an issue where Volatile Familiar would sometimes not toggle off.

Alliance War

  • Support
    • Cleanse: Increased the cost for this ability and its morphs back to their equivalent cost from Update 5.

Champion System

  • Thief Constellation
    • The Tower
      • Bashing Focus: Increased the cost reduction of this ability from 6.3% at 100 ranks to 25% at 100 ranks.

Dungeons & Group ContentEdit


Exploration & ItemizationEdit


  • Actually increased the value of the Nirnhoned Trait so it is 50% stronger than the Reinforced trait for armor, as mentioned previously.

Justice SystemEdit


  • Updated stolen items to be more consistent in their stacking behavior. White quality items will stack to 100, greens to 20, blues to 5, and purples will not stack.

Quests & ZonesEdit


  • Carzog's Demise: Fixed an issue where it was possible to block group-mates by killing Vardan while your group members were not present in the Inner Sanctuary.



  • Updated the art for the login and loading screens.
  • The default setting for Compass Quest Givers is now set to On.
  • Fixed an issue where the overhead health bars and alliance indicators were not displaying.
  • Fixed an issue where vendor UIs would not default to the 'All' tab when they were first opened.
  • Fixed an issue where you could be 'rubberbanded' when moving with a UI window open, then closing it.

Character Selection

  • Fixed an issue where your Character Creation settings would get reset when you altered other settings.
  • Fixed an issue in Character Selection where your character would initially face the wrong way.
  • Fixed an issue in Character Selection where the background did not change properly when switching characters.
  • Fixed an issue in Character Selection where characters would take a long time to load in.
  • Fixed an issue in Character Selection where using the 'hide helmet' option would change your appearances to the default setting.