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Online:Orcish Tapestry, Hunt

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Orcish Tapestry, Hunt
Category Parlor (Tapestries)
Quality Epic
Limit Type Traditional Furnishings
This is a standard house item.
Orcish Tapestry, Hunt

The identical item, Orcish Tapestry, Hunt (page), was one of 9 furnishings released on The Impresario during the Orsinium Celebration Event 2019. They were sold for 0000000Event Tickets and are BOUND.


This furnishing can be crafted at a Clothing station with the Pattern: Orcish Tapestry, Hunt furnishing plan known.
It takes the following Materials:

It requires the following skills:

Release Notes

Update 13 (Homestead - February 2017)

  • Released


The following player houses come with this furnishing:
Note that the Furnished column will only show items in addition to the Unfurnished version.

House Unfurnished Furnished
Forgemaster Falls 0 1
Pariah's Pinnacle 0 2