Nighthollow Keep
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Ghost, Gloomspore Bear, Gloomspore Wolf
Gargoyle, Wisp, Wispmother, Skeever, Nighthollow Guardian, Nighthollow Husk, Nighthollow Voidbringer
Notable Treasure
Pale Order's Golden Band ( Ring of the Pale Order)
Blackreach: Arkthzand Cavern
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"To taste of the dark is to taste infinity. This world suffers endless, gnawing decay, born of a senseless hope. But you know better. You can hear it, can't you? The beating of the heart. The call of the Void." —Lady Belain
Nighthollow Keep

Nighthollow Keep is a keep located in the eastern half of Arkthzand Cavern. Ghosts and gloomspore wolves lurk in front of the keep. The water out front contains foul fishing holes. Vampiric mines are active in some of the hallways. Nighthollow Shades haunt the keep's halls. A Wispmother floats at the base of the waterfall on the western cliff. Wisps hover over the river near her.

The antiquity lead for the Pale Order's Golden Band fragment for the Ring of the Pale Order can be found on a round table as an "Ancient Text", in the west branch of the split hallway.

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Nighthollow KeepEdit

Nighthollow Keep

Two Nighthollow Husks writhe near the fountain just inside the entrance. A gargoyle patrols the second room. There is a staircase leading deeper into the keep north of the gargoyle room. At the base of the stairs, you'll encounter a husk. A vampiric mine activates in the hallway as you approach, near two more husks. There are plenty of bookshelves throughout the keep.

You'll find a Nighthollow Husk and Guardian in the hall after the bend. There's a vampiric mine in the middle of the tattered rug which sits in the middle of the floor. Another vampiric mine sits near the end of the hallway. A chest lies just north of that mine, along the eastern wall. A Nighthollow Husk will appear in the eastern hallway in a flash of Void energy. If you head through the door west of this last vampiric mine, you'll enter Nighthollow Study. A Reanimated Cat is sitting on a table in front of the door.

You need to head east from Nighthollow Study to progress through the keep. There is a vampiric mine in the hallway. You'll encounter a Nighthollow Shade at the wall beyond the mine. The next room is quite large. It contains a Nighthollow Guardian, two husks and two vampiric mines. A gargoyle awakens when you approach the eastern end of the room. If you head north, you'll find a bedroom with a Nighthollow Swordmaster and Archer inside. A Reanimated Cat is sitting atop a double bed in the back of the room.

To progress, you'll need to head through the hallway that lies south of the gargoyle. You'll find yourself in a split hallway. The left side leads to a dead end, but it contains the Antiquity Lead for the Ring of the Pale Order. It is sitting on a table in the form of an Ancient Text, which looks like a scroll with nothing special going on. The end of the left side is blocked off by fallen boulders, which a spider and a venomspit spider stand in front of. Take the path on the right-hand side to proceed through the keep. Both sides are blocked off by rocks, but there's a void portal atop the rocky ledge on the path to the right which you can use to pass. A passive spider scuttles atop this rock.

Ahead, you'll see a venomspit spider, a frostsnare spider and a winter moth. A shallow lake lies in the hall ahead. Two wisps float above the water in the northern half of the room. There's a wispmother at the southern end of this lake. You'll encounter a Nighthollow Shade at the southern end of the room, in front of a half-buried bookshelf. You'll need to use a Void Portal to reach a rocky ledge near the center of the water.

At the top of the ledge, you'll find a Winter Moth hovering beside a torch. Two skeevers feast upon a skeletal corpse just ahead. There are two vampiric mines in this hallway; one lies to the north (where there is a dead end), and the other lies to the south. If you approach the dead end at the base of the stairs to the north, you'll find a Nighthollow Shade who's going mad from hunger.

Another Nighthollow Shade appears near the southern mine. She stands beside a small table, and complains that the hunger she's experiencing due to being away from the Dark Heart is driving her mad. In the next room, you'll find two Nighthollow Husks fighting over the remains of a dead Void Rot in the back, and a vampiric mine by the southern wall. You'll need to use a Void Portal atop a balcony to the southeast.

There is a Reanimated Cat beside a throne on the western side of the room beyond. Lady Rhainne stands guard in the middle of this room. The door to the east leads to Nighthollow Suite.

Nighthollow StudyEdit

Nighthollow Study is a small room located east of the third vampiric mine you come across, not too far from the front entrance. You need to enter the study during the related quest. A Reanimated Cat is sitting on a bench to the right as you enter.

The study's walls are lined with bookshelves. Each line of shelves contains three columns consisting of two bookshelves stacked on top of each other. Each row of shelves effectively contains six separate bookshelves, which contains six separate books.

Nighthollow SuiteEdit

Nighthollow Suite

Nighthollow Suite is a noble's bedroom. There is a fancy vampiric bed in the southwest corner of the room, near a painting of a death hound. The wardrobes and other furnishings appear mostly intact. Across from the bed, you'll find a divider separating a mirror from a wardrobe with a few knick-knacks atop it. A desk and two bookshelves can be found by the eastern wall. There is a quest-relevant coffer atop the dresser in the northwest corner of the room. The door to the north leads forward.

Nighthollow KeepEdit

This portion of Nighthollow Keep lies beyond the Suite. You'll find a Winter Moth flitting beside a blue lamp while. A Nighthollow Husk and a skeever feast upon the corpse of a Nighthollow clansman nearby, beside a bookshelf and a trunk. A Reanimated Cat stands in the middle of the hallway beyond the gruesome feast, right before a staircase leading further down. A vampiric mine lies on the east side of the room at the bottom of the stairs. Two Nighthollow Husks, who appear dead at first, are laying on the floor near this mine. The nearby table holds two a drink. You'll find a wardrobe at the base of the stairs on the northwest side of this room. A Nighthollow Shade appears when you descend the stairs, rasping about Lady Belain refusing most of the clan access to the Heart. Those who were not of the clan's nobility were dying. A Venomspit spider and frostsnare spider feast upon a skeletal corpse in the northern end of the hallway, which leads to a dead-end caused by a cave-in.

The door to the west brings you into the Grand Chamber of the Nighthollow.

Grand Chamber of the NighthollowEdit

Grand Chamber of the Nighthollow

Four bookshelves line the walls on either side of you. There is a trunk in the northeast corner of the room. The hall itself is lined with cells full of Nighthollow Husks. A Nighthollow Voidbringer spawns in the middle of this hallway. She opens the cells, allowing two Nighthollow Husk to emerge from the cells on both sides of the hallway. When those husks are killed, two more will be released. The door at the western end of the hall leads to the Black Diamond Chamber.

Black Diamond ChamberEdit

Black Diamond Chamber

This is the deepest part of Nighthollow Keep. The door at the end of the room is protected by a bright red ward.

The Dark HallsEdit

Centipedes, shroom beetles and torchbugs inhabit this tunnel, which Verandis believes must have been dug by thralls. The way is lit by blue vampiric lamps. Spare shovels and pickaxes are strewn about here and there. The first enemies you'll encounter are two Nighthollow Husks. Further in, you'll find a Void Rot, which has been resting on the wall. Further in, you'll find two skeevers feeding on a corpse. Two husks loiter in the chamber beyond, and another Void Rot clings to the cavern wall beyond a creek. You'll see a moth lingering near one of the lamps on the right-hand side of the tunnel. A conscious husk lies ahead, and even further, you'll encounter two sleeping husks. The northern half of this room is partially flooded. You'll find a Voidmother there. A Nighthollow Sentinel and Archer lie beyond the Voidmother.

Chamber of the Dark HeartEdit

Chamber of the Dark Heart

A large chamber containing the Dark Heart, which is being contained in a cage-like Dwarven apparatus. There are a few Dwarven trunks, urns and pots lining the buried hall leading into the chamber proper. You'll fight Lord Idrisin and four Nighthollow Husks in here, and later Lady Belain. A lift on the far west side of the room leads back to the surface.


Nighthollow Wayshrine

The Nighthollow Wayshrine is located atop a cliff west of Nighthollow Keep. A small creek runs north of the wayshrine, which a stone bridge allows you to cross. A chest can spawn in the river, sitting on the west side of the bridge. Mistgloom Thicket lies through the tunnel across the bridge to the north.



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