HomeĀ Settlement Eyevea
Location Mages Guild Hall
Race Dark Elf Gender Female
Health 39959
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Mages Guild

Nida is a Dark Elf member of the Mages Guild and an instructor of the magical arts in the Mages Guild Hall on Eyevea. She can be found on the ground floor of the guildhall, casting various spells, levitating and explaining different concepts to Scholars and Adepts. She is busy giving lectures and won't talk to you.


If you stay for the lecture, you can hear her say several things.

"Never, I repeat, never attempt to draw magicka from the environment like this in the field. Disaster will be your only reward."
"The system of inter-evocative hermetic harmonic resonance we still used today was developed during the construction of the Crystal Tower!"
"Here you can see the third law of arcane pyrodynamics in action, class. Do not treat these concepts lightly."
"I call this Shalidor's legacy. The great man himself was the pioneer of this technique!"
"Don't let this theory of non-conjoined thaumaturgic vectors throw you. It's really quite simple!"
"Now, I know some of you are wondering why I ban necromancy in my classroom. Trust me. The smell alone is worth steering clear."


  • Nida's lectures are identical to the lectures of Fairwen.