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Jade-Crown Dragonslayer HorseEdit

ON-icon-mount-Jade-Crown Dragonslayer Horse.png
The epitome of dragonslaying mounts, this steed has not only braved dangers that would make lesser heroes cringe but serves as a worthy mount for one of your stature and experience. The fact that it has green glowing eyes makes it even more noteworthy.

The Jade-Crown Dragonslayer Horse is an upcoming mount. It matches the Jade-Crown Dragonslayer Style. Its default name is "Savant".

Ja'zennji Siir FoxEdit

ON-icon-mount-Ja'zennji Siir Fox.png
"A hint of playfulness. A touch of joy. An aura of mystery. These mix under Jode's light and take the form of a masked fox who seeks out these traits in their next rider. Or so the priests say. But maybe they've had too much moon-sugar."—Sulema
Ja'zennji Siir Fox

The Ja'zennji Siir Fox is available in the Crown Store for 030003,000 Crowns. Its default name is "Plumthief".