Online: People / Vendors
Home City Marbruk
Location Merchants' Plaza
Store Pact-Wise Leatherworks
Race Bosmer Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Store Type Leatherworker

Mendreval is a Bosmer leatherworker selling her wares at Pact-Wise Leatherworks in Marbruk.

Related QuestsEdit

  • The Artisan: Discover the identity of a mysterious thief.

Quest-Related EventsEdit

She talks about Bosmer leather.

"The law of meat, hide, and bone obligates us to use every fleshy thing in the air, on the earth, and beneath the sea. Hence the superiority of Bosmer leathercraft."

During the quest, you can ask her about the Artisan.

Have you heard anything about the Artisan?
"It's hard to avoid it. Between you and me, I hope the Artisan never gets caught."
Why is that?
"Because the thief's obviously a Bosmer. It would only strain relations in the Dominion, further than they've already been strained."
How do you know the Artisan is a Bosmer?
"Bosmer culture considers theft to be an art, and the closer the object to the victim's heart, the better the theft.
And there's more than a few Bosmer who are unhappy with the Altmer building Marbruk in Valenwood."