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Mathon al-Rihad
Home Settlement Koeglin Village
Race Redguard Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Mathon al-Rihad

Mathon al-Rihad is a Redguard found in Koeglin Village.


When spoken with Mathon will give his opinion on recent events:

"Two villagers were killed and two more missing after the slavers attacked. I suppose it could have been worse."
"I don't want to rock the boat, but I think the constable may have gone too far putting that knight in the stocks."
"You haven't seen a young man named Lucas around town have you? His mother's driving me crazy coming around asking about him every few minutes.
Hope he wasn't taken by the slavers. That would tear her apart."

He can also be heard arguing with Ysanne Helena about Dame Dabienne's arrest:

Mathon al-Rihad: "Ysanne, why are you here? I don't think gawking at that knight is such a good idea."
Ysanne Helena: "What do you mean, not a good idea? You expect me to show pity for someone who's working with slavers?"
Mathon al-Rihad: "You really believe that? She's a Knight of the Flame. There's no way she was working with the slavers."
Ysanne Helena: "Then why'd the constable have her locked up? You don't have an answer for that, do you?"
Mathon al-Rihad: "I don't understand the constable's reasoning, but I have enough sense to realize that something's not right here."

He'll also tell Ylbore Eniel:

Mathon al-Rihad: "Strange days. The slavers, the ship, and now this knight in the stocks … our peaceful village isn't so peaceful any more."

Once Dabienne is freed, Ysanne will still be suspicious of her:

Ysanne Helena: "I don't care if the constable was brainwashed by some cult. I still say there's something suspicious about that woman."
Mathon al-Rihad: "I wouldn't say it too loud if I were you. There's another set of stocks right there next to the constable."

The Constable will occasionally look to Mathon for aid.

Constable Pascal: "Mathon, Calixte—you're my friends. Are you going to allow this?"
Mathon al-Rihad: "I hate to say it, but I told you so. You should've listened to me."