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Werewolf Lord polymorph for humanoid, Argonian, Khajiit (both genders of each)
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A Man-Beast
Werewolf Lord polymorph (female humanoid)

Man-Beasts are werewolves that take on a more bestial humanoid form. While in this form, the werewolf is more intelligent, less primal and is able to cast magic and use weaponry. They have adapted to hunt in the darkness by taking on a shadowy appearance, with grey skin and red eyes. Werewolf Lords look like man-beasts and may possibly be related to them.

A Sable Man-Beast Skin is available for completing the Moon Hunter Keep Challenger achievement. A Werewolf Lord polymorph was previously available for purchase in the Crown Store. It has a unique form for male and female humanoids, Argonians, and Khajiit. A limited number of Man-Beast NPCs exist. and are listed below.

Unique Man-BeastsEdit

Unique Werewolf LordsEdit

  • Vykosa, a Khajiit werewolf lord found in Moon Hunter Keep

Generic Man-BeastsEdit


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