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Home Settlement Jorunn's Stand
Player HousingCrown Store
Location Near the northern gate
Race Argonian Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Store Type Chef
Other Information
Faction(s) Ebonheart Pact

Makes-Many-Soups is an Argonian chef and a member of the Ebonheart Pact cooking for the other soldiers at Jorunn's Stand. She was first available as a Houseguest in the Crown Store for 015001,500 Crowns from April 15 to April 29 2021.

Home Settlement Windhelm
Location Watching the drinking contest
Race Argonian Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Pickpocket Medium Profession Fighter
Other Information
Faction(s) Ebonheart Pact

Makes-Many-Soups can also be found at Windhelm, where she is attending the Konunleikar. Here, she is a justice neutral fighter.



While watching the eating contest, Soups will comment on the food.

Makes-Many-Soups: "That bowl of jiggling jelly looks delicious! Can I get the recipe?"

Jorunn's StandEdit

She will be by the northern section of Jorunn's Stand, she will talk about what soup is available today.

"Soup! Soup for everyone!"
You must make a lot of soup.
"Many soups, many different flavors."
Sounds good! What are my choices today?
"No choices. Today I make root vegetables in a silverskin broth."
One soup? That's not many soups!
"Many soups, but not all at once. I have only one pot! If you are too greedy, you get no soup at all!"


A chef of many soups, but perhaps only one at a time, the Argonian Makes-Many-Soups seeks to add her culinary creativity to your abode. After adding Makes-Many-Soups to your home, you can set her on a path, plus you and your visitors can speak with her.
Type Houseguest
Acquired From Crown Store
Price 015001,500  
Availability April 15, 2021 - April 29, 2021

Makes-Many-Soups is also a houseguest. She was first available in the Crown Store for 015001,500   from April 15 through April 29, 2021.


Appearances: 2

  • Crown Store — April 15, 2021 - April 29, 2021
  • Crown Store — February 23, 2023 - March 9, 2023

Houseguest DialogueEdit

When you speak to her, she will say one of the following:

"Someday I hope to have my own place, where I can have more than one pot to cook in. More pots, more soup!"
"Many soups can come from a single broth. Swamp eel broth goes well with vegetables, fish, meat, and maggots. But not horker. Never horker!"
"Some ask me why I do not make slurry, or pies, or haggis. My name is not Makes-Many-Pies, is it? Soups come in many different flavors, and none of them are boring."
"Stews are not the same as soups. Anyone who insinuates such a claim adds insult to their ignorance. They are as different as dragonflies and hackwings. I do not make stew."
"Today I make crawdad tails in a saltrice infused broth. Very salty, but not very wriggly. Some soups wriggle, some do not."
"I make soups wherever I go. Different places provide different ingredients. While I am here, I must make use of everything I can find and create new soup recipes. It is what I do."
"Excuse the smell, but you must deal with it. Boiled fish for today's soup. I do not trust a fish soup if it does not waft in all directions.
I will admit, though, that this one is particularly … pungent."
"No, you cannot have bread or crackers with my soups. A good soup does not need it! The flavor should speak for itself.
My soups do not need elaboration, substitution, or additional components in order to be enjoyed."
"I am not a personal chef. I do not take orders. I'm an artist!
I make the soup I want to make. No more, no less. If you do have a special request, leave a note and maybe I will consider it for next time. Maybe."
"When I was small, I made soup in mud puddles with the wings of flies. I have since grown as a cook. While mud has its place and flies do add a lovely texture, my palate of ingredients has increased.
Flies do add the perfect amount of crunch though."
"Soup has many different uses. It can fill you up or warm your scales on a cold night. It can quench your thirst and take away your troubles. Soup is so much more than simply food. It is perfect!
I would not dedicate my life to anything less."
"My soups are works of art. They aren't meant for the hungry or the curious. Such masterpieces are destined for true connoisseurs. For those who can truly appreciate my skills and talent.
In other words … this soup isn't for you!"
"If you find a bone in a bowl of soup, consider yourself lucky. It is better to find it in the bowl than lodged deep inside your throat.
Bones add flavor, but I usually fish them out before serving. Usually."
Makes-Many-Soups as a houseguest
"A good soup is like a lake. The surface may be rife with activity, but the true greatness lies underneath. The surface is just the introduction. Get to know the flavors before you take the plunge.
And if you find the spoon I dropped, let me know."
"Hmm. I seem to be going through ingredients more quickly than I anticipated.
Is five soups a day too many soups? No, of course not! What a ridiculous question."
"I prefer not to be watched while I cook. A watched pot never boils, and a watched cook always becomes cross.
Well, yes, I am always cross. But I can become much crosser if you vex me."
"I once met a Nord who asked if I would make a soup with mead. By the Egg, I thought them mad. But once I perfected the recipe, it turned out delicious.
Now, don't go getting any ideas. I still hate taking requests."
"Soup for everyone! Soon, soon. Two kinds today, but you must eat both. There is no choosing one over the other. Mostly because I still had to cook them in the same pot.
I really should look into purchasing another cooking vessel."
"Someone said one of my soups made them ill. As if that were a possibility! My soups provide sustenance and cure illnesses! No one ever got sick from eating my soup! And certainly no one has ever died.
At least, no one I know about."
"I found some wonderfully ripe and sun-blessed roots, along with a few oozeworthy maggots. Also some fermented pond scum. Yum!
What? Pick up your spoon and eat your soup. It's perfectly delicious!"

During Anniversary Jubilee:[verification needed — see talk page]

"Jubilee Cake? What about Jubilee Soup? I could make something just as worthy of celebration. Soups are perfect for large parties, as long as you have a big enough ladle.
I really must talk to them about this obvious oversight in the menu."
"Cake baking bears no resemblance to making soup. All those powders and so much measuring! And I do not understand the flavor. Soups can be sweet, so why can't cakes be savory? I am dry with vexation."
"Celebrations like the Anniversary Jubilee inspire me. Seeing others enjoy food makes me happy, but they should be eating soup! I have already created six new recipes. Would you like to hear me list all the ingredients?
Hmm. Another time perhaps."

Depending of your advancement in the Provisioning skill tree she may also say:

"You are quite the talented cook, friend. But perhaps you have not found your signature dish as yet. Concentrate on a single type of food and make it your own.
But stay away from soup. That belongs to me."
"A fellow provisioner and passionate about food, too? We must exchange recipes! My soups and I could use a fresh perspective.
Not too fresh, mind you. I wouldn't want to do anything crazy."
"The secret to being an expert provisioner and cook? Never let your cooking burn. Most other mistakes can be corrected, but a scalded soup just tastes bad.
Not that I've ever burned a soup. Never happened."
"Your skill with food and drink … is quite impressive. I wonder which of us makes a more complex and flavorful soup?
No, better we don't find out. I would hate to see you devastated."
"I erect the spine of awe. Your reputation as a provisioner inspires countless lesser cooks. Even a cook such as I finds myself impressed at your accomplishments. I contemplate expanding my repertoire, but why deny the world my delicious soups?"
"You cook with a golden spoon, don't you, provisioner? You use only the freshest ingredients, the finest cuts of meat, the most delicate spices. But have you ever cooked with snail slime?
No? Pity."


  • She is mentioned in Veesk-Olan's hireling correspondence and was the inspiration for the character Makes-Much-Love in his novel "The Green Hood and the Dres Slavers".