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Used for Woodworking
(Woodworking Rank 8)
Source Wood
Raw ON-icon-wood-Rough Mahogany.png Rough Mahogany
Refined ON-icon-sanded wood-Sanded Mahogany.png Sanded Mahogany
Armor Weapons Levels
Shields Mahogany Champion Points70–80

Mahogany logs are dark brown and blocky. They can be found in any zone by players with Woodworking Rank 8 or Champion Points70 to 80. One log can be harvested for three to four samples of the raw material, Rough Mahogany. Once ten samples of rough wood are collected, they can be refined into seven to ten pieces of the refined material, Sanded Mahogany. Refined mahogany pieces are used for creating mahogany staves and bows, as well as mahogany shields, at any woodworking station. In order for you to craft mahogany gear, your Woodworking ability has to be rank 8.

Number of sanded mahogany pieces needed for creating
Gear Level Mahogany Bow Mahogany [Type] Staff Mahogany Shield
Champion Points70 10 10 13
Champion Points80 11 11 14