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Lothgar Steady-Hand
Home Settlement Cragwallow
Race Nord Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Lothgar Steady-Hand

Lothgar Steady-Hand is an elderly Nord found in the town of Cragwallow, resting beneath a tree on a lovely day with his faithful dog, Rollie.

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Quest-Related EventsEdit

Before the events of Merriment and Mystery, Lothgar is in decent health, sitting beneath a tree and often visited by his dog, Rollie. After the Rieklings crash the party, he lays beneath that tree dying. Grievously wounded by the Rieklings, he asks that you retrieve his stolen weapons as his dying wish.


Before Merriment and Mystery:

"What a peaceful, lazy day. It's perfect."
Aren't you attending the party?
"I think faithful old Rollie and I will just sit out here and enjoy the fresh air.
I'm older than most of the team. I'm not in the mood to match drinks with the younger workers."
Have you been part of the royal work team long?
"No, not long. I was a soldier. I retired last year and found a spot on Berj's team.
I do the surveying and other odds and ends, not the heavy rock-breaking and hauling."

Quest start:


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