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Find out what delayed a fisherman's fleet.
Zone: Summerset
Quest Giver: Hiranesse
Location(s): Wasten Coraldale
Reward: Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard
An Altmer woman approached me with questions about her father, Curtaros. His angler fleet is long overdue from their voyage to Wasten Coraldale and she's concerned for his safety. I have agreed to locate her father for her.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Hiranesse on the coast near Wasten Coraldale.
  2. Travel to Wasten Coraldale.
  3. Locate Curtaros.
  4. Find the other crew members.
  5. Help damage a Sea Elf ship and escape from Wasten Coraldale.
  6. Speak to Hiranesse outside the delve.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit


  • Wendlain is missing. There's a suggestion from the letter "Cartorrel's Last Words" that she wants you to deliver it to Wendlain. The daughter says Wendlain is in a small batch brewery with her father, in the south side of Alinor, but Wendlain cannot be found.
    • The bug has on occasion been solved by standing near the brewery (it is in the middle of the Plaza of the Hand), then logging out and logging in again. This can cause the missing NPCs, including Wendlain, to appear.

Quest StagesEdit

Lost at Sea
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I have arrived at Wasten Coraldale without incident to begin my search for Curtaros.
Objective: Locate Curtaros
Wasten Coraldale has been invaded by hostile Sea Elf raiders, but I found Curtaros asleep and unharmed. After I informed him of the danger he asked me to find the other members of his angler fleet while he keeps an eye on the invaders.
Objective: Find the Missing Crewmembers: 0/3
I located the other anglers, but one of them didn't survive the sudden Sea Elf occupation. I should meet up with Curtaros and the survivors.
Objective: Talk to Curtaros
Curtaros told me that the Sea Elves have already begun to entrench themselves on Wasten Coraldale and will pose a significant threat to Summerset and its navy if they're allowed to establish a foothold. I agreed to help him disrupt their efforts.
Objective: Defend the Ballista
Curtaros and I heavily damaged a Sea Elf ship. I should use this chance to make my escape from Wasten Coraldale.
Objective: Leave Wasten Coraldale
☑Finishes quest Curtaros and I heavily damaged a Sea Elf ship and caused enough chaos to make a successful escape from Wasten Coraldale. I should speak to Hiranesse now that I have returned her father safely home.
Objective: Talk to Hiranesse

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