Online:Levisii Gilvayn

Elder Scrolls Online: People
Levisii Gilvayn
Location Tormented Spire
Race Chimer Gender Female
Health 39959
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Condition Spirit
Levisii Gilvayn

Levisii Gilvayn is a Chimer spirit encountered inside the Tormented Spire. She was a member of the group of mages who originally bounded Sadal to the volcano.

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"What do you seek, mortal?"
I'm here to prove myself in your trial
"Trial and error is the essence of spellcasting. Many attempts are necessary before a spell succeeds.
Some never succeed. We shall see. Submit to the trials."
"I'll teleport you to the top of the caldera. Simply retrieve the Focus Stone at the back of the nearby cave.
You'll need to follow the spells we took to contain Sadal. Are you ready?"
Send me up.

Speaking to her after being sent up:

"Return with the stone, or we have nothing more to discuss. Follow the magical steps we used to bind Sadal."
Can you send me back down to the caldera?
<Nothing happens>

When you return with the focus stone:

"This is the path you must take to bind Sadal. It's neither easy nor straightforward, rather like your mortal lives."
I have the stone, spirit.
"I find myself almost impressed, but before the way to Sadal's prison opens, there is another test.
My colleague guards the final Focus Stone. Are you ready?"
I'm ready.

She and her colleagues will return together to open the portal to Sadal's prison once you've retrieved and placed all three Focus Stones.


  • It's possible Levisii was supposed to send you back to the entrance after the line, Can you send me back down to the caldera?, but she simply repeats the previous line. Possibly a bug, or maybe she just wants to keep you on task.