Online: People
Home City Marbruk
Race Altmer Gender Female
Reaction Friendly

Lanende is an Altmer found wandering around Marbruk.


She ruminates on the nature of the world.

"Crime is the brother of civilization, I suppose."

She occasionally speaks with Nithiel near the Fighters Guild.

Nithiel: "I never thought I'd see so many strangers in Valenwood."
Lanende: "These are frightening times. We must all band together."
Nithiel: "True enough. I worry about my sister. She's stationed at the Moonhenge Outpost, and there's been rumors of Daedric activity there for some time."
Lanende: "Daedra? Auri-El help us!"

After completing the quest at Moonhenge, their conversation changes.

Nithiel: "Can you believe what happened at Moonhenge?"
Lanende: "I heard. A Daedric invasion in the Ayleid ruins."
Nithiel: "I heard that a scout team entered the Daedric portal and found an exact copy of Moonhenge on the other side. They had to destroy it all to close the portal."
Lanende: "We're lucky to have such heroes."
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