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Find out why the forest spirits are attacking a logging camp.
Zone: Eastmarch
Objective: Thulvald's Logging Camp — Help Thulvald restore his logging camp.
Quest Giver: Thulvald Axe-Head
Location(s): Thulvald's Logging Camp
Reward: Forester Leggings
Low Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Low
ID: 4588
Thulvald's logging camp has been overrun by spriggans and trolls. He came to check on his workers and was chased off by the hostile creatures. Now he's worried about his workers and expects that his business is ruined.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Thulvald Axe-Head
  2. Investigate the Logging Cabin and the Logging Chief's Lodge
  3. Defeat the spriggan matron
  4. Return to Thulvald

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

While passing by Thulvald's Logging Camp, you'll find the man himself worrying near the wayshrine with his bodyguards.

"I can't believe this is happening to me."
What seems to be the problem?
"The better question is, what isn't the problem? I've got missing equipment, trolls, a spriggan infestation, woodcutters who refuse to work—it's a disaster!
I'm sorry, I'm a bit upset. My lumber camp is ruined. Ruined!"
Maybe I can help.
"Really? When we tried to enter the camp, we were besieged by trolls! My trusty clerk Eginir volunteered to sneak in and find my logging chief, Jafelma. He hasn't returned and I'm worried about him.
If you could help, I'll pay you for your trouble."
I'll find your missing clerk.

It's time to get to work. You've been asked to find Thulvad's clerk Eginir Thistlebreeches and the logging chief, Jafelma. You will find Eginir in the logging cabin, drinking mead with some woodcutters who have taken shelter there.

"Trouble in the woods? Send the Wood Elf. He can deal with it. Bah!
Why do people think all Bosmer have an affinity for nature? That's like saying all Nords love mead. Oh. Wait a moment …."
Thulvald sent me to find you.
"Well, here I am. A troll tried to eat me and a spriggan chased after me. By Y'ffre, those things give me the creeps.
I was looking for Jafelma, but instead I found a couple of woodcutters hiding in here. So I decided to join them."
Any idea where I can find Jafelma?
"One of the woodcutters saw her helping a logger near the other cabin. I was thinking of going to look for her, but then I thought about those creepy walking bushes and decided to stay right here.
I'm a clerk! I didn't volunteer for this!"

Head east towards the center of the camp where the Logging Chief's Lodge is located. It's the large building surrounded by dead trolls. Inside, you will find Jafelma, injured but otherwise okay. Speak with her.

"Well, I think we offended the forest spirits. I know it sounds strange. But the forests of Skyrim are ancient and magical. And not everything likes to be disturbed.
I think Thulvald bought land that ... had a prior claim attached to it."
Who has prior claim to this land?
"I think that this part of the forest belongs to a spriggan matron. At least, she's certainly treating the place like it's hers.
She sent the forest trolls and lesser spriggans to harrass us and drive us off."
Where can I find this spriggan matron?
"You can find the spriggan matron near the pool, just south of here. Be careful. Elder spriggans are ruthless and dangerous.
But if you can handle it, the elder spriggan really needs to die. It's the only way we'll all get out of this forest."

As Jafelma said, you can find the spriggan matron south of the logging chief's lodge. She is accompanied by two lesser spriggans. You could potentially be overwhelmed by the forest spirits and their combined animal summons, so be careful and manage your healing accordingly. Focus on one spriggan at a time, and don't worry about the animals unless they become a problem. If you kill a spriggan, its summoned familiar will disappear. So focus on one spriggan at a time until they're all down. Once the spriggan matron is dead, return to Thulvald Axe-Head for your reward.

Quest StagesEdit

Land Dispute
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Thulvald's clerk, Eginir, volunteered to scout around, but he never returned. Thulvald thinks he went to check on the logging cabin. I should try to find him.
Objective: Investigate the Logging Cabin
I entered the logging cabin and spotted Eginir. I should speak to him and see if he learned anything about what happened here.
Objective: Talk to Eginir
Eginir thinks that the logging chief, Jafelma, is holed up in the other cabin. I should go take a look and see if she's there.
Objective: Investigate the Logging Chief's Lodge
I found Jafelma within the logging chief's lodge. She looks injured, but not too badly. I should speak to her.
Objective: Talk to Jafelma
Jafelma is convinced that the trolls and spriggans infesting the logging camp were sent by a powerful spriggan matron. If I kill the elder spriggan, the other creatures should wander away and leave the camp in peace.
Objective: Defeat the Spriggan Matron
☑Finishes quest With the spriggan matron dead, the trolls and spriggans infesting Thulvald's camp should eventually wander away. I should let Thulvald know what happened.
Objective: Talk to Thulvald
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