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Lady Izza
Home City Rimmen
Location Northeast of the Rimmen Artisans District
Race Khajiit Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Lady Izza

Lady Izza is a Khajiit noble who can be found in Rimmen. Rigurt the Brash will want to perform classic Nord music to impress her, in a bid to improve relations between their two races.

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Cross-cultural ConfusionEdit

After you bring the Screaming Mammoths musical instruments to Rigurt, he will play the song for Lady Izza in their place, with you accompanying with drums. Unfortunately, he has mistaken her pet cat for her owner.

Rigurt the Brash: "Oh, your eyes shine like glowing mushrooms in Gloomreach! And you're sturdy as a mountain goat's hoofed feet! We should meet to drink mead and eat wolf meat!"
<Lady Izza arrives.>
Lady Izza: "Why are you singing to my house cat, Luna?"
Rigurt the Brash: "Lady Izza? Rigurt has a logical explanation! You have great influence with the Khajiit, so Rigurt wanted to impress you with a song. But first he had to practice. On your cat. Because is like a tiny you."
Lady Izza: "It's difficult to imagine anything sadder than a confused Nord clutching a lute."

It will be up to you to see if you can smooth this faux pas over.

"Lady Izza is going to pretend that Ambassador Rigurt did not just confuse her with a house cat."
We apologize, Lady Izza. We only wanted to impress you.
"Your friend is the one who should apologize. His attempts at diplomacy have already offended Juz-do, and sickened Asaldak.
Fortunately for you, Lady Izza is convinced that Ambassador Rigurt's intent is pure. She even brought him a peace offering."
You brought a peace offering for Rigurt?
"Rigurt must be rewarded for his comical, yet well-intentioned mission to improve relations between the Nords and Khajiit.
Lady Izza brought an honorary collar and bell. He will wear it everywhere in Elsweyr, so we can always know when he is near."
Do you usually reward people with collars and bells?
"No, but we can all see that Ambassador Rigurt is very special.
This one presents him with this dignified and stylish reward."
I'll make sure Rigurt understands what an honor this is.

If you talk to her again, she will say:

"Lady Izza thanks you for aiding Rigurt in his—diplomacy. This one suspects that things would have gone far worse were it not for you.
Now, please present the honorary collar and bell to Rigurt. He has earned it."

After giving Rigurt his bell collar, he will begin to sing again in celebration:

Rigurt the Brash: "This song is dedicated to Rigurt's favorite diplomatic assistant! And Lady Izza! And that house cat! And increased peace between the Nords and Khajiit! Oh yeah, and mead!"
Lady Izza: "Lady Izza will do her best to make peace between the Nords and Khajiit, just so you can make your way back to Skyrim."

Her final word will have her concern for Luna.

"This one believes she will remain here until Ambassador Rigurt and his honorary bell jingle far away from her cat."