Home Settlement Honor's Rest
Location Honor's Rest Catacombs
Race Reachman Gender Male
Health 39959
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Winterborn

Kyrtos is a Reachman Briarheart found at Honor's Rest. He is a member of the Winterborn, but wishes to prevent his clan from rampaging through Wrothgar so that they can return to the Reach.

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Inside Honor's Rest, you'll find a lone Reachman:

"Keep quiet—if my kinsmen see us together, they will kill us both."
You're Winterborn? Explain yourself.
"I … need your help.
My tribe seeks the Vengeful Eye, a token of Malacath's favor. When we find it, we will march to the nearest stronghold and raze it to the ground. Then the next, and the next."
Why are you telling me this?
"I want you to find the Vengeful Eye and take it from this place. If it's never found, there is no Vengeful March. My tribe returns to the Reach, the strongholds remain standing … we both win.
I don't understand. Why would you betray your own tribe?
"My tribe reveres Malacath, but we are nothing to him. This fighting with Wrothgar's Orcs serves to amuse a Daedric Prince—nothing more."
Just tell me where I need to look. / All right. Where should I look?
"Somewhere in these catacombs, likely among the grave goods. We've searched one wing thoroughly, without success—I expect it will be found in the other."
Wait. If you feel so strongly, can't you search for it yourself?
"The hagravens would know the moment I held it in my hands. Better if I never even saw the thing."

Speak to him before finding the Vengeful Eye and he'll say:

"Find me once you have the Vengeful Eye. And you'd best not touch it to your bare flesh.
No reason."

After locating the eye:

"Did you find the Vengeful Eye? Do you have it with you?"
Yes, I have it.
"Good. Don't show it to me! The hagravens … know things about those who serve them.
I'm not … you know, I never expected to actually find it. I don't know what should happen next."
Can it be destroyed?
"Long ago, two Orc brothers tried. They planned to melt it down in the forge near Malacath's great statue. But one heard whispers, slew his kin, and took the Vengeful Eye for himself.
Not the best idea. My ancestor killed him and took it off his corpse."
Who was your ancestor?
"Mercedene, Beast of the Reach; daughter of Evandene Tusk Collector; made General in the Siege of Old Orsinium for her abject ferocity.
We're a pale shadow of what she was. Thankfully."
What did your clan plan to do with it?
"A Vengeful March across Wrothgar, from here to the statue of Malacath. According to the hagravens, its bearer will carry Malacath's blessing.
With a champion of the Winterborn crowned by Malacath, we could then march on Orsinium."
Would the Orcs of Wrothgar want it?
"The Orcs of this land want anything related to Malacath, so maybe they'd pay for it. I don't know, I've never been to Orsinium. I hear it's big.
Although, giving it to them will make Orsinium a target for my tribe."
I'll think about it.
"Don't think too long. Destroy the Vengeful Eye at Malacath's statue, or dedicate yourself to vengeance in its shadow. Sell it in Orsinium, for all I care.
But do it before the hagravens read the entrails, or the Winterborn will come for you."

He'll then return to his people:

Kyrtos: "Now to make a show of helping with the search. Hopefully we'll soon be gone. As should you be!"

If you decide to destroy it, Kyrtos shows up at the forge:

Kyrtos: "You actually destroyed it."
Kyrtos: "Forgive me for tracking you. I just … had to know."
"I needed to see for myself. To watch you end it. To show Malacath we are not his playthings."
It was just an amulet.
"Ha! That it was.
Let Malacath gaze upon you. Let him see you are strong enough to deny the will of a Daedric Prince. May he never forget."

You can then ask him other things:

"I'll return to my tribe. The hagravens will sense their search is hopeless.
Perhaps we can finally go home."
Is it wise to return to your tribe?
"I should think so. I never touched the relic. They won't know my part in this."
Have you ever thought of leaving them?
"Not once. The tribe is home … it's family. We have our differences, but I can't imagine abandoning them.
Sometimes I wonder if the hagravens take that from our thoughts. But not for long."
Could Malacath recreate the Vengeful Eye?
"Pah … who truly understands the mind of a Daedric Prince? They care little for what we do, even when it foils their schemes.
For all we know, you've pleased him."

You can ask him about him being a Briarheart:

About your exposed heart ….
"Yes? What about it?"
Doesn't it make it easier for an enemy to kill you?
"Not exactly. It's harder than steel—a powerful distraction in a fight, for those who think it a weakness."
Does it hurt?
Do you have any regrets about replacing your own heart?
"I often wake to buzzing and fluttering in my chest … with the occasional nibbling. I have to jump into ice cold water, then wait for all the beetles to boil out of my chest. It's … unpleasant."
Thanks for answering.
"It's no trouble. I get these questions all the time, even in my own tribe."