Online:Kjakur Gray-Fists

Elder Scrolls Online: People
Kjakur Gray-Fists
Home City Bruma
Location Manor House
Race Nord Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Kjakur Gray-Fists

Kjakur Gray-Fists is a Nord warrior found in the manor house located in the city of Bruma. He is being tended to by his wife, Domitia Catullus.

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"Don't mind Dommy, she just likes to fuss over me. I'll be up on my feet and hacking cultists to bits in no time."
You're going back out there?
"You're new here, you don't understand. This is my home, those are my friends out there—the ones who're still alive anyway. I can't leave them to fight and die alone, not while there's hope of taking back Bruma."
You think there's still hope?
"Of course I do. I wouldn't keep Domitia here if I thought we couldn't beat them. Grigerda's sending out runners all the time. Some are bound to get through and bring back help. Then we'll wipe out the evil that's taken over Bruma."

Quest-Related EventsEdit

Better Late Than NeverEdit

When you have very late package to deliver to him:

"If you've come to tell me I'm going to lose my leg, just turn around and leave"
I have some items intended for you.
"By Mara's golden tresses! Never expected to see those. Ordered them to woo Domitia here but turns out she married me anyway. I suppose I owe you for bringing them. Maybe Dommy will want them. Wet though they are."