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Elder Scrolls Online: People
King-Chief Edu
Location King-Chief's Throne
Race Riekr Gender Male
Health 1352803[verification needed — Outdated?] Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 3.png
Reaction Hostile
King-Chief Edu
Edu sitting in his throne prior to battle

King-Chief Edu is a Riekr and the group boss of King-Chief's Throne in Wrothgar. He leads an army of Riekrs who have been raiding caravans and kidnapping citizens.

It has a chance to drop the Onyx Accent Stones antiquity lead for the Ring of the Pale Order.

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"Attack! We are under attack!"
"No! No no no! Attack! The other way!"
"No! You no crush me!"
"Crush! We crush the invader! Crush good!"
"Kill! Kill! Kill all!"
"Up! Up from the pits!"

When he jumps down to face you:

"Enough! I fight! I win! Archers! Now!"
"Stupid! Weak! I crush you!"


  • Edu was originally a tamed servant belonging to a wealthy family according to the letter Your Little Friend, Edu by Emeraude, which is the explanation for why he can speak full sentences, unlike most Riekrs. According to the book, his owners taught him how to set tables had him dressed up in a gown on Jester's Day.


There are two Achievements associated with this creature:

Achievement Points Description
ON-icon-achievement-Kill King-Chief Edu.png Kill King-Chief Edu 10 Kill the Riekr regent King-Chief Edu at the King-Chief's Throne.
ON-icon-achievement-Monster Hunter of the Month.png Monster Hunter of the Month 15 Complete 30 group boss daily quests for Arzorag in Orsinium.
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