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Home City Orsinium
Race Khajiit Gender Female
Reaction Friendly

Karina is a Khajiit who can be found in Orsinium. She is keeping company with Dazshi and Arusha in the Market District just north of the Fighters Guild entrance.

Related Quests[edit]


During the quest, as you approach her and her companions, you'll hear them discussing Gulug:

Karina : "Gulug's scent! It's almost enough to make this one want to stop dealing with him."
Arusha : "Arusha would agree, except for all the gold he gave us. He's got the luck of Jone and Jode, even if he smells like a dead horker!"
Karina : "This one hopes we are blessed with half his luck and twice his gold—but not his scent!"

Speaking to her, she'll tell you:

"This one doesn't care what you may have heard. We do not deal in illicit goods.
However, if you return after we've finished setting up our shop, I may have something that would be of interest to you. Nothing illicit, of course."

If you have not completed the quest yet, you can ask:

I couldn't help overhearing. Any idea where I can find Gulug?
"We are new to this city. Where the one we do business with goes, we do not know. But when he left us, he headed east, toward the Residential District.
Of course, all the districts of this city look the same to this one."
Can I ask what business you're in?
"Curious, are you? Our business is quite legal, rest assured. Not all Khajiit practice illicit trades, no matter what you may have heard.
We sell elixirs of health … cures for illnesses, headache remedies, those sorts of things."
You sell medicine?
"That is a word, yes. The best for the best price. You won't find a lower price in the city—once we're actually open.
But if it's Gulug you seek, just follow the smell. It is quite prominent and it lingers like unwanted house guests."

Pressing the conversation will clearly annoy her:

"This one would ask you to leave us be. You can plainly see that we aren't yet ready to conduct business.
Come back later. Much later."