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This article is about the Breton spirit in Crestshade. For the Breton in Koeglin, see Jonne.

Jonne Surille
Home Settlement Crestshade
Race Breton Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Condition Spirit
Jonne Surille's spirit

Jonne Surille is a Breton mage who was slain during the bloodfiend attack on the town of Crestshade.

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Quest Related EventsEdit

"So … cold. I can't imagine a worse fate than to be trapped here. Waiting … watching … feeling.
That's the worst. I can feel my flesh. It craves destruction. It craves blood."
Mayor Gette asked me to help you find a personal item.
"The mayor is a good woman. Her spirit is strong.
She has a good idea, to use our spirits to draw out the creature. Our flesh remains alive while the abomination lives. Through this connection, we can call it to us."
What personal item can I locate for you?
"What's most important to an old scholar like me? My mind, I suppose.
The bloodfiends tore my body apart after using some of my flesh to create their abomination. My skull was tossed aside. It's got to be somewhere in the graveyard."

Speaking to him again:

"I will do anything I can to stop this darkness from spreading beyond Crestshade.
Find my skull so that I can use it as a focus for my energy."

Locate his skull in the graveyard and he'll appear in front of you:

Jonne Surille: "Oh, that one is definitely mine. I can feel it."
Jonne Surille: "We will pour every iota of our strength into those items. Take them to the crypts beneath the ruined chapel."

After defeating the Abomination, arrive at the graveyard and the spirits of Mayor Gette, Mage Tharlas, and Jonne Surille will be waiting for you to bury their items and release them to aetherius. Place the items in the grave, and the spirits will speak:

Jonne Surille: "I think we are done here and I'm eager to see what waits beyond this mortal life. Farewell. Your kindness will be remembered."

His spirit then fades.