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This article is about Jester Anglidor's NPC data. For Jester Anglidor's Collections data, see Jester Anglidor (furnishing).

Jester Anglidor
Location Player Housing
Race Wood Elf Gender Male
Health 39959
Reaction Friendly
Jester Anglidor
This Jester's Fest performer brings all the joy and frivolity of that holiday to your home—perfect for when you wish to host a friendly gathering! After adding Jester Anglidor to your home, you can set him on a path and interact with him.

Jester Anglidor is a Wood Elf mime Houseguest. He is available as an exclusive reward from the April 2022 Daily Rewards.


ON-icon-houseguest-Jester Anglidor.png

Anglidor is a mime and doesn't have any spoken lines. He performs various emotes instead. You can still interact with him:

"<Jester Anglidor stares silently as he traces the shape of an invisible wall.>"
"<Jester Anglidor ignores you as he continues to juggle, never missing a beat.>"
"<Jester Anglidor has nothing to say while he pulls on a rope only he can see.>"