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Iron Orcs labor hard and long, fight until their dying breath, and train mounts to do the same. So, if you're lucky enough to ride one of their welwas, expect to be pushed to your own limits as your mount keeps going despite all obstacles in its path.
Iron Orc Welwa
ON-icon-mount-Iron Orc Welwa.png
Iron Orc Welwa
Type Heavyweight
Default Name Indestructible
Acquired From Crown Store
Daily Rewards
Price 030003,000 Crowns
Availability September 14, 2023 - September 21, 2023
Category Mounts (Heavyweights)
Quality Legendary
Limit Type Special Collectible

The Iron Orc Welwa is a heavyweight mount. It was available in the Crown Store for 030003,000 Crowns from September 14 to September 21, 2023. It is being distributed for free as a daily reward for the 21st day of March in 2024. Its default name is "Indestructible".


Appearances: 2

  • Crown Store — September 14, 2023 - September 21, 2023
  • Daily Rewards — Day 21, March 2024[1]