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ON-qico-Group Dungeon.png Help Lyranth recover a map from a group of cultists.
Zone: Deshaan
Objective: Dungeon: The Cauldron
Location(s): The Cauldron
Reward: Unidentified Cauldron Armaments
(?) Leveled Gold
XP Gain: High Experience XP gain
ID: 6578
Dungeon Group Size: 4
Help Lyranth and her accomplice traverse the Cauldron
I arrived at an abandoned mine in Deshaan and found a young Dark Elf named Drathas and a Dremora named Lyranth. Lyranth offered a deal of gold in exchange for assisting in her search for a lockbox she cannot access.

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Quest StagesEdit

Into the Deep
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Lyranth suggested I clear the way so Drathas can continue the search for his family. I should move deeper into the mine.
Objective: Search for Drathas's Family
We found Drathas's uncle in a pit of where other prisoners were being held. I need to kill Oxblood the Depraved so we can continue on.
Objective: Kill Oxblood the Depraved
Before Drathas's uncle died, he told us someone named Baron Zaudrus took the remaining prisoners. We should continue deeper in search of Drathas's father.
Objective: Search for Drathas's Father
I found Taskmaster Viccia, but there is no sign of Drathas's father. I should kill the Taskmaster to keep searching.
Objective: Kill Taskmaster Viccia
Lyranth showed back up to let us know that the captives were taken to a Mehrunes Dagon shrine further ahead. I should move past the Lava Caves to find it.
Objective: Find the Excavation Site
The path is blocked by the Molten Guardian. I should kill it to continue ahead.
Objective: Kill the Molten Guardian
Lyranth was taken by Baron Zaudrus. I should look for her in the Mehrunes Dagon shrine.
Objective: Find Lyranth
Lyranth is being held in some sort of prison. I should work with Drathas to free her.
Objective: Rescue Lyranth
Lyranth has been freed and Baron Zaudrus is performing some sort of ritual. I must stop him.
Objective: Stop Baron Zaudrus
I interrurpted [sic] Baron Zaudrus's ritual, but he ran off with the lockbox Lyranth seeks. I need to kill him to retrieve it.
Objective: Kill Baron Zaudrus
We killed Baron Zaudrus and rescued Drathas's father. I should talk to Lyranth about my promised reward.
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