Online:Instructor Dinaria

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Instructor Dinaria
Home Settlement Shad Astula
Location Gateway
Race Dunmer Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Instructor Dinaria

Instructor Dinaria is a Dunmer instructor at the Shad Astula Academy who can be found at the main entrance, near the ponds. She is busy facilitating an orientation session with newly arrived students and won't talk to you.


If you stay for the orientation, you will hear her say:

Instructor Dinaria: "Welcome to Shad Astula. Here you will learn to master your innate abilities and become leaders for the Pact."
Instructor Dinaria: "It won't be easy. Some of you will struggle. Others will even leave the Academy."
Instructor Dinaria: "It's up to you. Work hard and you'll prosper. Slack off, and it's back to the kwama mines."
Instructor Dinaria: "Let me tell you about the Academy grounds. Pay attention! There will be a test."
Instructor Dinaria: "Instruction halls occupy the eastern building."
Instructor Dinaria: "The testing field to the west provides a safe place to practice your spells."
Instructor Dinaria: "Administration sits atop the hill, including the Arch-Mage's office."
Instructor Dinaria: "There are a couple of rules we need to go over."
Instructor Dinaria: "You may not cast spells on other students or the instructors. You may practice on the servants, however."
Instructor Dinaria: "All students are required to remain at the Academy until the end of this season's session."
Instructor Dinaria: "Finally, report any suspicious activity to an instructor immediately."