Elder Scrolls Online: People
Location Temple of Two-Moons Dance
Race Khajiit Gender Male
Health 25974
Reaction Justice Neutral
Pickpocket Hard Profession Priest

Inisashu-jo is a Khajiit moon priest found at the Temple of Two-Moons Dance, leading the training of the acolytes, while Dog-Bite-Me assists him correcting the students' posture and stances. Talking to him, he'll provide information on the Khajiiti religion and philosophy.


When you talk to him he will not appreciate being interrupted at first but if you ask earnest questions, Inisashu is willing to answer them.

"Yes? What is so important you would interrupt our training?"


"Shoo! We are busy. If you would watch, do so from a distance!"
What is this place?
"You stand at the Temple of Two-Moons Dance. Here, we learn and practice Riddle'Thar."
Riddle'Thar?/Tell me again about Riddle'Thar.
"The way. The path. The road. Riddle'Thar is all of these, and none. For one, the road is a wall. For another, a wall the way.
We all seek our place in ja-Kha'jay. Riddle'Thar helps us find it."
"In the way one follows a map through a maze, one follows Riddle'Thar through life.
It teaches us to avoid—and embrace—danger. To fight and to run away. To accept change and to stave it off."
How do you find the way out?
"A maze contains many things, not simply a way out. The best mazes hide many sweets behind traps and crevices.
Riddle'Thar is not so much a way out of the maze as the way with the most sweets along the way!"
What is at the end?
"Ja-Kha'jay. It is what we all hope to achieve."
Ja-Kha'jay?/What is ja-Kha'jay?
"The Lunar Lattice, where all fates are bound. Our place in the universe. For the Khajiit, anyway."
The afterlife?
"Ha! One should hope not! If we are lucky, we reach ja-Kha'jay long before then! Otherwise, what is the point, yes?"
What is it, then?
"It is different for everyone. For some, it is to become King and rule over the little people, yes? Ha! We should all be so lucky!
For others, it is death. You have some experience with this, no?"
What do you know about it?
"Only that you have had your sugar stolen. A curious thing, that. Inisashu-jo does not envy you.
Still, keep your head about you and you will find the way."

You can also overhear snippets of his instructions to the students, involving phases of the moons matched with a stance. Dog-Bite-Me will add comments on improving their stance during this.

Inisashu-jo: "Waxing crescent …."
Inisashu-jo: "Waning crescent …."
Inisashu-jo: "Waxing gibbous …."
Inisashu-jo: "Waning gibbous …."
Inisashu-jo: "New moon rising …."
Inisashu-jo: "Full moon sets …."
Inisashu-jo: "… rise up from below!"
Inisashu-jo: "… knock the light from his eyes!"
Inisashu-jo: "… blow the wind from his lungs!"
Inisashu-jo: "… strike from the sides!"
Inisashu-jo: "… putting enemies off guard!"
Inisashu-jo: "… your enemy falls!"