ON-icon-misc-Skyshard.png Imperial City Skyshard Hunter
Type Imperial City Achievements
Points 15
Find all 13 Skyshards in the Imperial City.

Imperial City Skyshard Hunter is awarded for finding each of the 13 Skyshards in the Imperial City.

Their locations are as follows:


Clue Location Notes
Atop a pile of rancid flesh. In the Arboretum, western corner. (map)
Cheap seats at a pit fight. In the Arena District, eastern wall. (map)
In the Garden's darkest corner. In the Elven Gardens District, eastern corner. (map)
From the river to the grave. In the Memorial District, south-western corner. (map)
The most eminent nobles live upstairs. In the Nobles District, upstairs in a house in the northwest. (map)
Near contested holy ruins. In the Temple District, northern wall. (map)
Imperial City Sewers
Darkest alchemy, bought in bulk. In the Harena Hypogeum, south of Headsman's Bone Pile (map) As this one is deep in Pact territory, members of other alliances might want to approach it from the Arena District sewer entrance.
Where laundry never gets dry. In the Antediluvian Vaults, northwest of Inquisitor's Retreat. (map)
An Aldmeri outpost, lost to crocodiles. In the Irrigation Tunnels, southeast of Drain-Dweller's Outpost. (map) As this one is deep in Dominion territory, members of other alliances can access it via the Temple District or Arboretum sewer entrances. The Temple entrance is closer, but the Arboretum is more out of the way.
Dozing in the portal-light. In the Abyssal Depths, north-northeast of Unfinished Memoirs, near a Daedric Portal. (map)
The shard is slipping down the drain. In the Lambent Passage, west-southwest of Alik'ri Alcove. (map) As this one is deep in Covenant territory, members of other alliances will have the easiest time approaching from the Nobles District sewer entrance.
This cistern contains the heart of a lion. In the Vile Drainage, east of Bloodmist Slaughterhouse, at the top of the ramp. (map)
The deepest depths where the Tower grows roots. In the Barathrum Centrata. (map) Can be acquired without triggering the event here if you're careful.