Online:Ilkhas al-Azif

Elder Scrolls Online: People
Ilkhas al-Azif
Home City Sentinel
House Ilkhas al-Azif's Home
Race Redguard Gender Female
Health 25974
Reaction Justice Neutral
Pickpocket Medium Profession Commoner
Ilkhas al-Azif
Old look

Ilkhas al-Azif is a Redguard commoner who can be found inside her home in Sentinel.


She will talk to you, despite passing through her home being considered trespassing.

"I'm worried about my dogs. I've called them for dinner, but they haven't come."

If you speak to her after Monkey Magic, she says:

"You're going to think I'm wandering in my wits, but I could swear I just saw an Orc run through here—wearing nothing but his underclothes!"