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Icereavers are a class of hostile humanoid NPCs that attack using melee weapons and frost magic. They are usually found in heavy armor, wielding two-handed greatswords.

Types of IcereaversEdit

Location Name Race Gender Health
Western Skyrim, Midnight Barrow Draugr Icereaver Draugr Varies 31364
Kjenstag Ruins Frost-Cursed Skeletal Knight Skeleton Varies 31364

Spells and AbilitiesEdit

Quick StrikeEdit

Basic melee attack which causes Physical Damage.

Ice TrapEdit

A large aoe that deals moderate frost damage.

Ice ShotEdit

When the Icereaver uses Ice Trap, pillars of ice shoot out of the ground, dealing average frost damage when they hit their target.

Ice WallEdit



Causes minor Frost Damage.

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