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Return a town's egg mine to operations.
Zone: Vvardenfell
Objective: Gnisis — Save the people of Gnisis from economic ruin.
Quest Giver: Foreman Lathdar
Location(s): Gnisis
Previous Quest: A Melodic Mistake
Reward: Revus's Spare Staff of the War Maiden
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: High
Revus and the royal egg
Another crisis looms in the Gnisis Egg Mine. Kwama workers, driven mad by the tonal magicks of the Dwarven resonator, killed their queen. Without the queen, the colony dies. If I do not act, the mining town of Gnisis will die along with it.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Foreman Lathdar.
  2. Find Revus.
  3. Mark the heaps.
  4. Return to town.
  5. Find the bard and convince him to help.
  6. Uncover the queen's egg.
  7. Get the egg to the nursery.
  8. Make sure the queen hatches safely.
  9. Return to the foreman.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

Quest StagesEdit

Hatching a Plan
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Foreman Lathdar demanded that Revus make good on his pledge to aid the miners. I must find the Telvanni mage and secure his help.
Objective: Find Revus
I located Revus. I should speak to him about Foreman Lathdar's demands.
Objective: Talk to Revus
Revus insists that he had a kwama queen egg in his nursery, but cliff striders snatched it while he was studying the Dwarven resonator. I must locate his stolen eggs and mark them with a divining stone so Revus can recover them.
Objective: Mark the Egg-Heaps with Revus's Divining Stone
I marked the egg-heaps with Revus' divining stone. I should return to Revus' nursery to let him know.
Objective: Meet Revus at the Hatchery
Objective: Talk to Revus
Revus urged me to return to town while he arranges transportation for the eggs. I should tell Foreman Lathdar what's going on.
Objective: Return to the Foreman
Revus delivered the eggs, but something is amiss. I should speak to him about it.
Objective: Talk to Revus
Revus fears that the kwama queen might hatch prematurely. Soothing music should keep the queen sedate. Revus recommended a singer named Vigard. I should search for this bard to the south of town.
Objective: Recruit Vigard the Sparrow
Objective Hint: Save the Bard
Objective Hint: Talk to Vigard
The singer, Vigard, agreed to help. I should return to Gnisis.
Objective: Return to Gnisis
The Redoran deputy-prefect, Manore, asked to speak with me. He looks upset.
Objective: Talk to Manore
Revus is prepared to break the royal egg free from its casing. I should meet him by the dock to make sure everything goes as planned.
Objective: Help Uncover the Royal Egg
Revus broke the royal egg free from it's egg-heap. Unfortunately, one of the eggs contained a raging cliff strider. I killed the beast, but not before it slew the singer, Vigard. I should find Revus to discuss our next move.
Objective: Talk to Revus
Our last best chance at saving the egg mine is to plant the royal egg directly into the mine's nursery chamber. I should meet Revus at the door to the nursery, inside the mine.
Objective: Meet Revus at the Nursery
The royal egg is preparing to hatch. I must plant it in the nursery chamber before that happens. Kwama workers will almost certainly attack. I should be prepared to fight.
Objective: Hatch the Royal Egg in the Nursery
Objective Hint: Defend the Royal Egg
I defended the royal egg long enough for the new kwama queen to emerge. Both the colony and the Gnisis mining operation are saved. I should inform Foreman Lathdar of our success.
Objective: Talk to Foreman Lathdar
☑Finishes quest With a new queen, the Gnisis egg mine will start producing again soon. I should have a final word with Foreman Lathdar.
Objective: Talk to the Foreman
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