Online:Harrowstorm Abomination

Elder Scrolls Online: Creatures
Harrowstorm Abomination
Location Harrowstorms
Species Flesh Colossus
Health 2021938 Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 3.png
Reaction Hostile
Other Information
Faction(s) Gray Host
Harrowstorm Abomination
A Harrowstorm Abomination in the process of being summoned

Harrowstorm Abominations are flesh colossi that can be summoned by the Witch Pike sacrifices at active Harrowstorms.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

The colossus swings its mace arm, dealing physical damage.
Sweep Shockwave
The shockwave from the force of the mace's swing. Deals physical damage.
Miasma Pool
The Abomination leaves several pools of bubbling poison on the ground as indicated by a large, circular AoE. Standing in a pool will inflict low to moderate poison damage over time.
Rancid Slam
Rancid Residue
The AoE left behind by Rancid Slam. Deals moderate to major poison damage over time.
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