Online:Grish (Murkmire)

Elder Scrolls Online: People
HomeĀ Settlement Bright-Throat Village
Location At the entrance to the village, on the right-hand side of the docks
Race Argonian Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Bright-Throat Tribe

Grish is an Argonian who appears at the entrance of Bright-Throat Village during a world event. He and his mate, Ula-Kii, can begin to appear after By River and Root is complete. They are planning on going to Root-Whisper Village to help out their new neighbors.


Grish: "By the Hist, can you believe it? An entirely new tribe, so close to our own borders!"
Ula-Kii: "Yes, it is most exciting. They called themselves Root-Whisper. A fitting name."
Grish: "We must journey there! Show our respects, offer our aid."
Ula-Kii: "Of course, my beloved. But first, let us give them some time to collect themselves. Starting a new village is no small task."

Speaking to Grish after this exchange:

"Our tribe is more than happy to support our egg-siblings in Root-Whisper Village."


  • This NPC will sometimes have a hard time spawning into the game, and will disappear as soon as his dialogue can be heard or seen in the chat window. ?
    • This can be remedied by logging out and back in next to where Grish and Ula-Kii spawn.