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Gladiator Fearmage
Location Blessed Crucible
Race Argonian Gender Varies
Health Normal33399Veteran123034
Reaction Hostile Class Fear Mage
Gladiator Fearmage

Gladiator Fearmages are Argonian fear mages found competing in the Blessed Crucible.

Related Quests[edit]

Quest-Related Events[edit]

Once you enter the gates to the crucible, the Argonian fearmage will address Talres, demanding money he allegedly owes her.

Gladiator Fearmage: "If it isn't our old friend, Talres! I hope you've brought the money you owe us."
Talres Voren: "Don't be ridiculous! Your man forfeited the match. I owe you nothing!"
Gladiator Fearmage: "Lies! There was no forfeit. You lost, and now it's time to pay. Coin or flesh, the choice is yours."
Talres Voren: "Now, now. Surely we can come to some mutually beneficial arrangement...."
Gladiator Fearmage: "Enough talk. Kill them all!"

If you're on the quest, the gladiators in the courtyard will become hostile. Otherwise, the gladiators will remain neutral until you attack them.