Online: People
Home City Marbruk
Race Bosmer Gender Male
Reaction Friendly

Giralon is a Bosmer found fishing at a pond in Marbruk.


He talks about his fishing hole.

"This is my favorite fishing hole. I'm glad the Altmer left it alone, even though the guards give me grief when I try to visit."

He can be heard talking to Kunerr-jo about the Bramblebreach clan.

Giralon: "My friend tells me something's stirred up the Wood Orcs again."
Kunerr-jo: "Pah! This one has had enough of Wood Orcs for a lifetime."
Giralon: "The Bramblebreach clan is under constant attack, lately."
Kunerr-jo: "No doubt the Dominion will offer their help, in exchange for an alliance. Turning the misfortunes of others to their advantage. That is their way."

After completing the Bramblebreach objective, they'll discuss the news.

Giralon: "I hear that someone drove the Wood Orcs away from Bramblebreach."
Kunerr-jo: "This one heard the same. Heard they ran away like cowards."
Giralon: "All except for their War Captain. He stayed and fought."
Kunerr-jo: "It's good for the Bramblebreach, but this one wonders how long their isolationist ways can last. Wood Orcs aren't the only threats in Valenwood."