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This article is about the boss at The Shattered Xanmeer. For the boss in the Infinite Archive, see Ghemvas the Harbinger (Infinite Archive).

Ghemvas the Harbinger
Location The Shattered Xanmeer
Species Ruinach
Health 1,846,117 Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 3.png
Reaction Hostile
Ghemvas the Harbinger

Ghemvas the Harbinger is a Ruinach world boss who can be found at The Shattered Xanmeer.

Related QuestsEdit

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Summon Portal to the Deadlands
Ghemvas will summon several Portals to the Deadlands, Daedric gates which in turn summon more Daedra. They will appear on the sides of the stone floor.
Kynreeve Summon
Periodically, he will resummon the Kynreeves (Kynreeve of Embers, Kynreeve of Scorching, and Kynreeve of Wildfire) if they are slain.
Daedric Asphyxiation
Ghemvas will grab a player with his magic and begin strangling them midair, fire will then cover the victim before dropping them. The initial attack causes heavy damage and there is a flame DoT afterwards.
Bouncing Flames
Dagon's Wrath
more abilities needed


When you approach, you'll see four Waking Flame cultists summoning him. He pushes them down with a blast of energy.

Ghemvas the Harbinger: "Fools! You have rent the gate asunder!"
<The cultists burst into flames, and Ghemvas absorbs their essence. He slams his sword into the ground, and three portals open, summoning a Kynreeve of Embers, Kynreeve of Scorching, and Kynreeve of Wildfire.>
Ghemvas the Harbinger: "Now your world is mine to lay waste!"

When you engage him in combat, he says:

Ghemvas the Harbinger: "Come, mortal. This might be amusing!"

Draining the Kynreeves to empower himself:

Ghemvas the Harbinger: "Useless churls! Die and grant me strength!"

Summoning the Portals:

Ghemvas the Harbinger: "Come, servants of Dagon!"



There is one achievement related to this NPC:

Achievement Points Description
   Havocrel Harrower 10 Defeat Ghemvas the Harbinger at the Shattered Xanmeer.