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Online:Friga Bearfist

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Friga Bearfist
Location Arano Plantation
Race Nord Gender Female
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly
Friga Bearfist

Friga Bearfist is a Nord prisoner being forced to work the Arano Plantation by Marshal Hlaren. After the quest, she can be found fishing at the docks in Suran.

Related QuestsEdit

Quest-Related EventsEdit

The Scarlet Judge asks you to talk to one of the prisoners at the plantations south of Suran, and Friga is one of them.

"What? I'm working here."
Can you tell me what's going on here?
"What's going on? Ha! They're working us like snowblind oxen, that's what's going on!
You want to know more? Kill that smoke-skinned bastard, Overseer Torvayn. He's always itching to execute someone, and I think I'm next."

Speaking to her again:

"Bah! I've got enough stripes on my back. Torvayn's just itching to toss me in a shallow grave. You bury a hatchet in his face, then we can talk."

Once you've "retired" Torvayn, she'll be glad to talk to you:

"Ha! Well, I'll be a skeever's drunk auntie! Did you really cut down Overseer Torvayn? Certainly won't miss that horse's arse."
I'm looking for people who were falsely arrested. Were you?
"Falsely? Hm. Guess that's a matter of perspective. I punched a Dark Elf. But I promise you, that wormy little snowback had it coming. I'd punch him again if I got the opportunity!"
So, you were sentenced to hard labor for punching someone?
"Well, maybe that someone was Master Arano. And maybe the punch broke his jaw in three places. But that's what he gets for asking me to "service" his guards.
Hlaren told me I can shorten my sentence by working here. You telling me different?"
Marshal Hlaren may be lying.
"Shor's Blood! I knew that Elf was skeeving me out! Oh, when I get my hands on her …."
I'll bring your testimony to someone who can help.

Speaking to her again:

"If you plan to bring down Marshal Hlaren, you'd best get on with it. I'm feeling the urge to punch someone again."

After the quest, she can be found fishing at the docks.

"What? A girl's got to eat. I'm starving! Nothing but bug-gruel and water for days!
One of those constables lent me a fishing pole, so I guess they're not all bad. Next time a Dark Elf makes a pass at me, maybe I'll just spill a drink on him instead."