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Fort Amol Barracks
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Owned Yes
Northwestern Fort Amol
Crafting Stations
  • ON-icon-Cooking Station.png Cooking Fire (x2)
The Fort Amol Barracks

The Fort Amol Barracks is the base of operations for Ebonheart Pact soldiers in Fort Amol. It is a two-story Nord-style building with a spacious balcony, located across the river from the Fort Amol Wayshrine. The containers inside the building are all owned. A footlocker containing a Fort Amol Guard Disguise is in the hallway leading out from the entrance. Another footlocker containing a disguise is located in the nook beneath the stairs.

There are two large cages to the north on the ground floor, which contain a total of three Prisoners. Kragfarr and Bottild are watching them. One of the two cooking fires is situated right across from the entrance. Another one can be found upstairs, across from a third footlocker and the door leading out to the Barracks Balcony. A fourth footlocker can be found in the bedroom upstairs, where Sergeant Haldric Three-Boots‎ goes over documents. An advanced safebox can be found in the office on the upper floor, by the eastern wall. An intermediate safebox can be found next to the bed on the main floor.

Two Pact Soldiers are standing on the porch.

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