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Online:Forge-Wife's Impervious Frock

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"Look sharp while you hammer out that dagger!" says Orc-tailor Borzighu. "Our Forge-Wife's Frock, spun from non-flammable gray scathecraw fibers, protects you from cinders, soot, hot embers, and even spatters of molten metal. Hot!"
Forge-Wife's Impervious Frock (female)
ON-icon-costume-Forge-Wife's Impervious Frock.png
Forge-Wife's Impervious Frock
Type Costume
Acquired From Crown Store
Wraithtide Crate
Reward Level Epic
Price 00500500 Crowns
0004040 Crown Gems
020002,000 Seals of Endeavor
Availability September 13, 2018 - (?)

The Forge-Wife's Impervious Frock is an Orcish costume. It was originally sold in the Crown Store for 00500500 Crowns, and can now be obtained as an Epic reward in Wraithtide Crates. It first became available on September 13, 2018.


Slot 1
Gray fabric
Slot 2
Pants, undershirt and collar (tan parts)
Slot 3
Boots and brown trim

(The bootlaces, clasps and the soles of the boots are not dyeable.)


Appearances: 2

  • Crown Store - September 13, 2018 - (?)
  • Wraithtide Crate