Location Bad Man's Hallows
Race Bosmer Gender Male
Health 29870
Reaction Friendly

Finvir is a Bosmer mage trapped in the Bad Man's Hallows and wants to make amends for his part in summoning the Bad Man.

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When first meeting Finvir:

"Fascinating. The roots do not consume you. That may prove useful."
And you are..?
"The name is Finvir. I was part of the circle of mages that summoned the Dremora Lord now posing as the Bad Man. I can help keep his power in check but I'll need your help."
What do you need?
"The Dremora killed many of my circle. Their undead bones wander these tunnels, clutching the gems we used in the ceremony.
"Bring me some of them. If the Dremora is vanquished, I can use them to prevent him from ever returning to this realm."

After accepting Can't Take It With them:

"I need those gems! Quickly, now."

After collecting the gems:

"Well done! Once banished, the Dremora will never be able to return to Nirn.
Thank you for your assistance. I hope this ritual will somehow make amends for my part in this whole sordid affair."

While teleporting out of Bad Man Hallows:

Finvir: "Farewell, friend. I'll be sure the ritual goes properly next time."