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Filer Myx
Location Index Chamber
Species Watchling
Reaction Friendly
Filer Myx

Filer Myx is a watchling that can be found in the Infinite Archive Index Chamber.

Related QuestsEdit

Quest-Related EventsEdit

After you have spoken with Filer Pix in Molag Mar, you will need to make your way to the Infinite Archive and talk to Filer Myx:

"Wait, you're not made of ink. Hmm, you're a mortal. Master Malkhest sent Filer Pix to find one.
Is that you? Did I get it right? Are you a mortal who's here to help?"
Filer Pix told me to talk to you
"The archive is in some danger right now, but you don't seem like a weakling.
I mean, mortals are strong. You're capable, and bright.... 
[sic]Can I give you a reward for coming all this way and we forget about my calling you a weakling?"
Yes, I'll take the reward.

If you exit dialogue and speak to him again:

"Master Malkhest seemed rather urgent about finding help. I can tell when mortals become worried. They make a bit of a face. I don't dislike mortal faces, with their noses and mouths.
Uh, would you like the reward Master Malkhest left for you?"
Yes, I'll take the reward.
"Right. Good. Good. Then maybe you'll still hope. And I won't have insulted our last hope. It's fine!
Here. I'm told you mortals find this valuable."


You can ask Myx a variety of questions:

"Helping us with the maligraphies are you? You know that they're not here, right? Good, good. It'd be really embarrassing if you were confused.
Oh, and you should bring another mortal with you. You'll need the help."

Or if you haven't completed The Margins of Ire:

"If you still need help finding Master Malkhest, I can give you a fun hint. He's right behind me, up those stairs.
Well, I suppose that's not a hint. Can't take it back now."
How dangerous is the Infinite Archive?(only have this option if you haven't started The Margins of Ire)
"Dangerous … Oh, you mean deadly? Right, you motals have to worry about dying. Usually, it's not dangerous at all if you can fly. But these aren't usual times.
If you have an ally, a sword, or even a good stick, I'd recommend bringing it."
You're a filer, what do you file?
"Me specifically? Books. Collections of pages? Little … I'm just describing books. I file books.
Basically everything in the archive needs to be stored in a place that makes sense. I help keep it organized."
How many other filers are there?
"Here? Or in Apocrypha?
How many mortal adventurers are there where you're from? Uh, I know of eight other filers—as well as one pesky mortal who has her own arrangement systems and can't help but destroy our order. But, there are others."
And they all file books?
"Mostly. Though Filer Tezurs over there claims that she files valuables. She wants to be like your mortal merchants.
It's useful, I suppose. But she refuses to let the rest of us organize any of the objects she claims."
Remind me who Tho'at Replicanum is.(Only have this option if you've started Replication Elimination)
"A creature of living ink. She created all the maligraphies you fought in here. Nasty attitude as well, if Malkhest's account is true. The text you found said she became vivified ink. So, I suppose she wasn't always like this."
How did she become like this?
"If you ask Malkhest, he'll say that a ritual went wrong. That she didn't intend to become what she is."
What do you think?
"She's a creature of ink infesting the largest repository of historical texts in all of Oblivion.
I don't think I'd file that event under mistake."
Do you know what she wants?
"Knowledge. It's all anyone comes here for. Hermaeus Mora's enemies are always looking for some forbidden secret they'll never find.
Tho'at Replicanum won't find what she's looking for, because she'll be dead. Which is your job."