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Filer Eru
Location Index Chamber
Species Watchling
Reaction Friendly
Store Type Merchant
Filer Eru

Filer Eru is a watchling that can be found in the Infinite Archive Index Chamber.

Related QuestsEdit


Index ChamberEdit

"Master Malkhest may be an excellent researcher, but he is ill-equipped for the perils of battle. You know what I'm referring to."
"Those creatures may have superior forces, but we have what they lack. Fleshy limbs and a good, violent disposition!"
"Filer Myx won't let me file my sections into barricades. This is combat! Battlements and defenses are a requirement."

Infinite ArchiveEdit

You can find them during the completion of the Archive. They serve as a merchant there:

Filer Eru: "Jolly good and well done. These enemies were hardly a challenge for you."
Filer Eru: "You performed marvelously. Claim your reward and travel to the next batch of vile enemies."
Filer Eru: "Never fear, the cavalry has arrived! Oh, they're all gone. Well then."
Filer Eru: "I missed the battle? Ah, well. There's always the next one."
Filer Eru: "Just the mortal we needed. None shall best your ink-slaying prowess!"
Filer Eru: "Right this way, mortal. To me and your well deserved rewards!"

You can speak to them:

"What an exciting time to be in the archive. The maligraphies can pop out at any moment!
Be on your guard, mortal. We must not let the enemy catch us unaware."
"Some Verses allow you to transform your mortal visage into terrifying creatures.
I always hope those are offered to you. They look like a smashing good time."
"I and the rest of the filers are ready to carry on your good work should you fall.
The enemy awaits! Make your way to the portal and to glory!"

You can also encounter them as you fight the enemies, they will arrive as you enter the stage:

Filer Eru: "Ah, good. I haven't missed the big show."
Filer Eru: "I like my tomes with a bit of life to them."
Filer Eru: "Go on. Hit them. Hit them!"
Filer Eru: "That Malkhest fellow said you'd be here."
Filer Eru: "Crush the enemies. Show them what for!"
Filer Eru: "This beats just reading about great battles."

After you clear a stage:

Filer Eru: "Such feats of strength and violence. I look forward to your next demonstration."
Filer Eru: "Don't mind me. I'll just look elsewhere for the spoils of war."

Replication EliminationEdit

After defeating the boss, during Replication Elimination they may come to collect the nymic. He can say one of the following:

Filer Eru: "I've come to retrieve the nymic fragment. Carry on!"
Filer Eru: "Take no heed of me. I'm delighted to act as your humble nymic courier."
Filer Eru: "Good show! Master Malkhest requires this fragment. So I'll just pop it over to him, shall I?"