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This article is about the pet. For the creature, see Fiendroth.

Who doesn't want to be followed around by a hulking, armored Daedric bug with steel mandibles and a venomous stinger? It eats nothing but the cries and lamentations of your enemies, so it's an easy keeper. Friendly, too—in its way.
A Fiendroth
Type Daedric
Default Name Evil Weevil
Acquired From Crown Store
Price 00700700 Crowns
Availability February 4, 2016 - Present
Category Non-Combat Pets (Daedric)
Quality Legendary
Limit Type Special Collectible

The Fiendroth is a large blue-gray Daedric insect that is available from the Crown Store for 00700700 Crowns. Its default name is "Evil Weevil".


Appearances: 1

  • Crown Store - February 4, 2016 - Present