Location Inside of Briar Rock Ruins
Race Reachman Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Hillhunter Clan

Faorin is a Reachman chieftain of the Hillhunter Clan who can be found trapped inside Briar Rock Ruins.

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Quest-Related EventsEdit

Betrayal at Briar RockEdit

When you arrive, he'll call out to you:

Faorin : "Well, now. You're no Thornroot. Care to lend me a hand, stranger?"

When spoken to, he says:

"I don't know who you are, but right now I welcome anyone who comes to kill Thornroots. I'm Faorin, chieftain of the Hillhunters. Have you come across my people, traveler? Have they left anyone else alive?"
Medone sent me to rescue your people and stop the Briarheart rituals.
"Medone? Clever girl! I knew she'd find a way to escape.
We need to make sure the Thornroot clan Hagravens don't cut the hearts out of anyone else. Can you burn their Briarheart Tree? That will put a stop to this for good."
Where do I find the tree?
"Head to the highest part of Briar Rock. And watch yourself—the Hagraven matron personally tends the tree. She may try to stop you.
I'll go find Medone and get what's left of my clan out of this damned place. Good luck, outsider."
Why are you not with the others?
"Once the Hagravens learned I was a chieftain, they decided to save me for a special ritual. Something about making me into a seed for a new Briarheart Tree. Or maybe they just said that to scare me.
It sounded awful, to be honest with you."
What can you tell me about the Briarheart ritual?
"Briarhearts die to this life so that they may live again as protectors of the Reach. They give themselves willingly to the knife … or so it should be.
The Thornroots are taking that choice away, enslaving their Briarhearts. It's wrong."
Why did you leave the Hillhunter clan here?
"The Gray Host is too great a foe for the Hillhunters alone. I wanted to bring the clan to a place we could easily defend, and wait for the danger to pass.
Briar Rock is a refuge for the wandering clans. Or it used to be."
The Gray Host? Who are they?
"You don't know of the Gray Host? Count yourself lucky. Vampires, werewolves, and witches, all gathered under the banner of a master they call the Ashen Lord.
They're trouble for anyone traveling the Reach."
If Briar Rock is no longer safe, where will you go?
"When we found the Thornroot clan here, Medone said we should keep moving, find safety in the wilds. It turns out she was right.
I've always wanted her to follow in my footsteps. She'll make a good chieftain someday."
I'll take care of the Briarheart Tree. Get to safety.


"It's good to see that tree burn, after all the pain it caused my people. Give me a moment to enjoy this, friend.
Oh, and I think Medone wants to speak with you."

After speaking with Medone, but before completing the quest, he'll say:

"The Hagravens will regret what they did here. I'll see to that, I promise you."


"Go in peace, freehand. We'll never forget your actions here."
What's next for your people?
"That's for Medone to decide. You taught the Thornroots a hard lesson, but I learned one too. When my kin tell me I'm choosing the wrong path, I ought to listen.
I'd like to see where Medone leads us, given the chance."

Second ChancesEdit

If you've completed his quest, you can find him and some of his clan in the Announcement Hall at the conclusion of Second Chances.

"It's a grand occasion you've delivered us to, outsider. I'm glad Medone and I could be a part of it."
How are the Hillhunters?
"Free and safe, thankfully. After the trouble with the Thornroots we found shelter in the mountains. Now it seems that it's safe for us to return to the lowlands.
And I'm passing on to Medone what knowledge I can. She is ready to lead."